Sunday, July 11, 2004

Ta Da

Okay, so I had my interview at Results Radio today, and I got the job. I'll be coming in on the weekends and chilling at the studio by myself, basically babysitting the stations (country, top 40, hard rock, adult contemporary, and talk radio) and making sure everything's playing on time and nothing's broken. I will be required to do some on-air stuff, like culling the weather off the internet and announcing it, and technically not on the air, but I will have to also update the 'action phone' (the thinger people call for weather, sports scores, school closures, etc.). This pays minimum wage, and I'll probably have 12 hours on the weekends.

In addition, I can earn $12/hr for doing things like dressing up as a giant frog (the mascot for the country station), being a tech and helping set up remote feeds, and being a handler for Frogzilla, the humongous inflatable frog they have.

I'm a little disappointed that it's not a DJ position, because that'd be my freakin' dream. I also see that it's not very glamorous backstage, so I'm less enthusiastic than I thought I would be. But who knows, maybe the people are nice, or the work is somewhat interesting, right? And I keep reminding myself that since I want to do more voice work, this can't hurt. Even the slightest chance of making any contacts is better than what I have now, plus I will have more on-air experience, which I can contribute to my demo tape.

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