Friday, July 30, 2004


Swiped from Caren, this is really great and amusing at the same time:

- Sloganator Memorial

"In March, 2004, Ana Marie Cox, of started the gag of using the poster generator at the Bush Cheney '04 to generate satirical messages on the posters, courtesy of the actual BC '04 campaign. Of course, BC '04 caught on and has rendered the poster maker retarded. Many of us saved the .pdf files on our computers. This group is intended to be a swapping forum for the .pdf files. E-mail me at for an invititation if Yahoo won't let you in first. Yahoo supposedly only allows 10 non-invite additions a day. But that doesn't seem to be the case today. Please feel free to post your files here (I prefer, no, I DEMAND, original BC '04 pdfs). As time goes on, I will be culling the herd occassionally to allow for the survival of the funniest. Visit now and everyday, since she will be posting her .jpgs as well."
(From the Sloganator mail group)

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