Monday, July 12, 2004

One Up in the 'Disturbing Musical Group' Category

My friend Leslie sent me a link to this song, which I originally suspected was a joke. However (unfortunately?), it turns out that Gunther is very for real.

What I simply cannot get over, or past, is the fact that Gunther looks like a drag king. His entire look screams drag king; the weird fake-looking moustache, the crappy mullet-ish hairstyle, the way he purses his lips in an attempt to be sexy (or something). Hell, he's even got lesbian action in his video. You've got eyes -- just LOOK at him!

That said, I find the video all the more amusing when I watch it from the perspective of him being a drag king. Try it. Hi-larity will ensue.

To Be Continued...
The Official Gunther Website

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Rebecca said...

I have been screaming this ever since I saw the Ding Dong Song video, and my friends refuse to believe me. He never shows a bared chest...not even in a hot tub scene. I still think he (she?) is perhaps the best drag king of our time.

I am soooo glad someone sees what I see. Finally.

Right on you!