Thursday, June 17, 2004

What the Hell??

Pentagon: Military Hid Iraq Prisoner from Red Cross

I was ready to fly all up into Washington when Rumsfeld said about the Geneva Convention: "Well, it's really open to interpretation.."

How is it open to interpretation? We all got together and came up with some basic rules for fair and decent treatment of human beings during war time. What is there to question? And frankly, if this kind of shit was happening to American soldiers, you just know we wouldn't stand for it. So why is it okay for us to bend and break the rules?

It's bullshit. This entire war is a selfish, nepotic agenda that only gets worse for everyone as the days pass. First it's seemingly all right to torture and humiliate prisoners, now it's okay to hide away a prisoner for seven months without notifying the Red Cross. Sheeeit, what do we need that dumb old Geneva Convention for?

How more people are not up in arms calling for an end -- Bush's presidency, the war, Rumsfeld's job, etc. -- is beyond me. Why are we not stopping and asking ourselves just what the hell we're doing over there?

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