Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Hidee Ho

The biggest news in my world is that I quit smoking four days ago. Cold turkey, and I have not had a cigarette since early Saturday morning. The whole experience has gone easier than I anticipated, and so I'm rather grateful for that. I got cranky for a short while, but I attributed that to lack of sleep more than anything else. I've definitely had some cravings and I miss smoking, even though I didn't even enjoy it a lot of the time.

I suppose, when I heard things like 'cigarettes are more addictive than heroin', I sort of anticipated some serious physical withdrawal. Other than a constant slight headache, I've felt overall pretty fine. I'm finding that most of the cravings have to do with habit, instead.

Secondly, there was an attempt yesterday to home remedy remove my wart. Yes, gentle readers, yours truly has a wart. Hard to imagine I'm sure, considering how delicate and fair you know me to be, but very true; I have shared my left middle finger with a nefarious growth that set up shop some eight years ago. This wart has survived multiple attempts at removal, and I sort of gave up trying.

Well, Angie has a home remedy book that said the quickest method to remove the wart would be to crush a clove of garlic, apply it to the area, and keep the whole thing bandaged up for 24 hours. The garlic causes the area to blister, and the wart is supposed to fall off in a week or so.

She crushed the garlic, applied it to the wart, and I put on two of those Curad extreme length band-aids on my finger. The spot is rather unfortunate -- on the middle joint of my middle finger -- and soon after, I felt the skin beneath the bandaging burning. At first, it was a mild burning, and considering the remedy calls for blistering skin, I took this as a sign that things were working.

Shortly thereafter, I began to experience shooting, horrible pains that made me want to cut off my left hand at the wrist; I understand now how people can remove their own appendages in times of emergency. The pain came and went in waves.. going from a bearable throbbing to a maddening, stabbing, make-me-want-to-pull-my-hair-out kind of pain.

You get the idea. It fuckin' hurt.

Anyway, I got involved in washing a floormat out of my car and got the bandaged mess wet, and the pain diminished greatly, so I kind of wondered if I'd ruined it. I decided to keep it on anyway, and see what happened today.

Well, first of all, let me express to you that I have a tumor-like blister the size of France on my finger. It is so big that it has its own moon. Unfortunately, the wart itself is not part of Planet Blister, as the skin around it doesn't appear to be swollen or even moderately affected. It was originally a bit sensitive, but I think this was mostly due to the sore skin next door.

So now I have this blister that I could take on tour and possibly all for naught. And I might have to attempt it again and endure the pain. I am praying that somehow the wart will fall off anyway and save me the suffering.

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