Thursday, May 13, 2004


I can't wait to get my degree so that my work with the general public will finally be greatly lessened. I admit that I have somewhat of a superiority complex insofar as I know that I'm more intelligent than the unwashed masses that make up a great deal of this country. And I don't know what it is, but there seems to be a very high concentration of extraordinarily stupid people where I live now. Is it all the chemicals, or is it the inbreeding? Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

Most of the times it's at least bearable, though it greatly disappoints me that most people are stupid, lazy sheep. Even after working with the public in one sense or another, for nearly ten years, every now and then I get blown away by something someone will say or do. I've long since given up thinking I've witnessed The Stupidest Thing Ever, because whenever I experience something that tops the reigning champion, someone will eventually come along and best even that.

My peeves come and go. Currently, what's been driving me nuts is the things people say when I'm waiting on them, things they think they thought up on their own and are so clever, and are suffixed with a really dumb and fake-sounding 'Ha ha ha.' Like it was so funny and unique they had to laugh at their own joke, only they don't realize I've heard it hundreds of times before. And since the name of the game is being nice, I'm forced to give my own fake laugh in response. Ha ha ha.. While in my head, I'm going Ugh!

I'd give examples, but truthfully, the comments in and of themselves are not amusing (hence the peeve). It's mostly the whole package; hearing how it's said, and experiencing the dumb laugh at the end.

Another thing that is irritating me at work is that, in a company-wide mandate, they took away all the big server trays and replaced them with noticibly smaller busser trays. The theory behind this genius move is that we would put less on the smaller, lighter trays, and it will help our wrists and backs.

However, the truth of the matter is that because the trays are so much smaller, it's creating more work. Our plates in general are oversized, so four dinner plates fit on a busser tray, whereas I could get up to six on a server tray. If I get triple sat, I have to have someone follow me out with a tray because three salad bowls alone take up 80% of the space on a busser tray, nevermind the salad and bread plates and three baskets of bread I have to carry out, too. I'd simply like the option to carry a larger tray if I so choose.

I'm admittedly stronger than most of the women at work, but I do know most of the guys feel similarly. I can handle a big, heavy tray stacked with three tables' worth of salad, bread, and plates, and so can the guys. Forcing us to use smaller trays is only slowing us down and making things more of a hassle.

It's things like this that make me want to bitchslap various corporate suit-type people in the management chain. Our bigwig manager guy is one of them. He sweeps in about once a quarter or so, and while I have no issues with that in itself, it's the frenzy and craziness his visits cause that piss me off. Frankly, he sits on high and delegates jobs and makes rules, apparently without thinking much about the practical application of them, or how they affect the poor grunts having to live with these decisions.

I understand looking out for the bottom line and wanting to make money in your restaurant. But some of the shit that goes down boggles the mind. It's like this guy enjoys making rules, really fucking dumb ones, in order to have a hand in what's going on in the restaurant at any given time, to reinforce that he's The Big Boss. We're talking rules that have so little merit that after a short trial, they end up being ignored, repealed, or simply tossed to the side.

What is the point of that? Changing rules, switching things around.. they only slow us down because it forces us to change our routines in favor of doing whatever we're currently being commanded. We lose time when we change routines, because the whole point of developing routines is to save time and mental energy.

I swear, if I ever become a manager, I will consider how my decisions affect my employees. Gargh.

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