Thursday, April 22, 2004


I'm sick yet again, right on time for the weekend trip to D.C. I'm hoping it gets no worse because I feel like a total space case at the moment. Anyhow, I was cleaning out my mailbox and came across a couple pictures Mikey sent me before he moved.

How could you not love this face?

He's going to kill me for posting that. Muahahahaaa. He looks demented, doesn't he?

I miss my gay boyfriend. He makes me laugh and I can be outrageously stupid with him, which simply satisfies some inherent need for goofiness. I'll have to definitely schedule some Mikey time in the near future. I need me a fix.

The redneck neighbors have begun a garden project behind the apartment building, in the fenced-in plot that previously housed my landlord's berry patch. I guess at 80-something, after a fall that laid him up, he decided to finally retire from the berry business.

When you think 'garden', you probably think nice, flowery thoughts about vegetables and stuff. Well, don't confuse that with a West Virginian Real Man's Garden™. This garden isn't being planted, it's being constructed. Engineered, even. I swear I heard one of the guys say he'd be damned if anyone let a woman into the garden. Cause this is a MAN'S garden. And then they started hooting over the proposed kegger afterwards.

I briefly thought that it might be nice to have a piece of the garden, but then I realized that that would require working with the rednecks. But, you know, it looks nice so far. Besides, my extra X chromosome might taint the vegetables.

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