Sunday, March 28, 2004

I Survived Yet Another Sunday

Work today was kind of weird. Not really bad, but not great, either. Except for my last table, which was extremely cool. It was a classy, attractive woman who looked to be late-40's-early-50's, and a younger male friend who, by all signs, was gay. They were both obviously intelligent, worldly individuals, and it was a total pleasure to wait on them.

The woman turned out to be a clinical nutritionist and was kind enough to talk some shop with me. They were both polite and had good taste when it came to ordering. At the end, I thanked them and told them it had been a pleasure waiting on them, and that if they ever wanted me again, they could request me. The woman flashed a grin and quipped, "Good marketing."

I grinned at her, shrugged, and said, "Hey..."

She laughed and nodded. I told her that I get great satisfaction out of waiting on tables like hers, and that I hoped I'd see them again. They didn't disappoint me in the gratuity department, either. So all-in-all, a more than pleasant experience.

Earlier this afternoon, I found myself in my bedroom and was compelled to straighten up a little. For some reason, it occurred to me that I haven't looked in my junk drawers for a while, and because I had nothing better to do, I decided to rifle through them.

One of the first things I came across was the card my mom sent me on my 21st birthday. I picked it up because it's one of those 'Secrets of Your Day of Birth' cards based on numerology, and I was kind of curious because Angie has The Secret Language of Birthdays and I had found that to be pretty accurate.

I think I'd mostly saved the card for the beautiful note my mom wrote inside, but reading it over again, I discovered the description for my day is actually very right-on. It also is interesting, too, that the card makes reference to bridges and spanning, when in The Secret Language of Birthdays, my day is The Day of the Bridge or something to that effect.

Born On the Seventeenth: Integration
by Taia Stewart

Your personality contains a fascinating duality. On one hand you seek outer recognition, wealth and power, while on the other, you quest for inner spiritual growth and fulfillment. You have many gifts which help you span both your inner and outer worlds: a highly determined will, perseverance, sense of responsibility, natural charisma and magnetism. At your core is a need for self-expression and recognition of your gifts and talents.

You are deeply aware of the need to bring integrity and caring to the corporate and political structure, as well as into personal life. You have a powerful creative mind reaching to seek innovative expressions that bring tangible results. The integration of the part of you who seeks and the part who leads creates a rich tapestry of awareness, bringing you to a comfortable place of self-confidence.

CAREER: Performing arts, law, entrepreneur, executive, money management, banking, investment brokering, healthcare professional, religious leader.

CHALLENGE: Your challenge is to feel nourished by an inner sense of self-esteem. The deeper challenge may be to develop the self-esteem in the first place! Trust your inner guidance and intuition. The more you rely on your innate creative spirit and share it with others, the more your power will radiate into the world. It is not for lack of expertise that you may go unrecognized ... perhaps you need to come out from under that rock and be seen!

* A natural scholar, philosopher, and business executive, you have a gift for bridging the gap between spirituality and business. Take center stage, and bask in the spotlight!

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