Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Checking In

Yes, busy!

She and I spent yesterday running errands and junk, but first I took her to The Grind, which is the closest thing to a big city coffeeshop this area has. I knew Angie could appreciate it, so we went there for coffee and ended up playing Scrabble for like 3 hours. It was a lot of fun and I won, 440 to 315. I've been teasing her about it because I know she doesn't like coming in second. :D

Our waiter, Travis, was super cute and really nice. He acted as mediator to our Scrabble game and then finally fetched the dictionary he had in his car and let us use it. We totally made him blush when we asked him if he had a girlfriend because he was such a cutie and that we were trying to think of any straight girls we might know. We assured him we didn't like boys, and later he asked Angie if we lived around here. Think he was trying to say we don't act like normal Parkersburgians? Ha!

It was one of the best days I've had in a while, overall.. not only did I get to spend time with Angie, I also received the first CD from someone in my Burn It group, and Angie fixed my Nikon!!

Now, this camera has a history. It was first my mom's back in the mid-80's, and growing up with it pointed in my face constantly, I think I truly have always coveted it. It's a pretty decent/expensive camera and I was allowed to use it for photography back in high school. It was through this Nikon that I fell in love with photography.

Imagine my jubilation when my mom gave it to me when she moved to Italy.

My ecstacy quickly turned to disappointment when I discovered I couldn't open the back of the camera to load film; it seemed stuck. I called a camera place to get an estimate for repair and they quoted me about $80... and then that idea got shoved on a back burner because there was no way I had the money to spare.

I've held on that 'broken' camera for about eight years because I loved it so much and knew that one day I would be able to afford the repair. Somehow in my countless moves, it didn't break, or get lost or stolen. And Angie, Miss Supersexy Studly-Ass Photographer looked at it and had it fixed in like two seconds.

It was something very simple involving dead batteries, but because she is just so studly like that, she knew a workaround and got the back to pop open. And we went to get batteries and film; turns out it only cost me $6 to fix. Fucking rocks ass, you have no idea what a happy girl I am right now. My Nikon works! And not only that, Angie has been giving me lessons because it has been so damn long I have forgotten nearly everything.

It feels so good to pick up a camera again, but not only that, to be encouraged to do so. I don't think anyone else in my life understands the extent of how I feel when I'm behind a camera. It's so nice that Angie does.

Overall, I feel very allowed to be myself around her and I have to say this is really wonderful for a change. I feel free to be creative and unique and smart. Maybe that sounds stupid, but I have been with women who stifled my creativity, and it's become important to me that the person I'm with be able to understand and appreciate that part of me. I'm way happier when I'm free to be myself, and free to be creative.

I'm totally smitten, though I'm sure it's more than obvious already. I could say so many more good things about her, but I wouldn't want to keep you here all night. ;)

Adding to the happiness, the Burn It CD I got in the mail is soooo incredibly good. The girl who sent it is also from WV, so even though I was slightly afraid the CD would contain a lot of country, I had hopes that the swap would turn out well. And she did such a wonderful job! Not only is the music wonderful, she spent time on the overall design, including big confetti snowflakes. She listens to a lot of indie music, which is what I prefer, so there were a lot of great songs on there that I'd never heard before. So I'm very psyched about that, and the program in general.

Listening to the CD made me so antsy to go home and finish up my CDs. I'd thankfully finished the mix before meeting Angie (otherwise, I confess it would be very difficult to focus on and finish the project), so all I had to do was finish burning the last three discs. I'm really excited again about the project, and hoping to get my mixes out tomorrow.

And Alex, listening to this girl's mix.. I think you really are missing out here. You totally should have done the project, too! Lazy-ass. ;)

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