Monday, February 16, 2004

Stab, Murder, Kill, Maim

I think the honeymoon is over because I am having the hardest time dealing with my job lately. I wasn't sure whether I'd officially hate it at some point, or whether I could continue on grinning and bearing it. I just personally am so fed up of these fucking asshole people I have to wait on every day.

Yesterday was Valentine's Day. I expected a good, busy night, hopefully full of people trying to impress their dates. What I got was six hours of pure, unadulterated, wall-to-wall madness. We were on a three hour wait. And people were actually waiting!! None of us could understand it, because obviously the people weren't happy waiting, and it reflected in their attitudes toward us while serving them.

So the tables were rude and demanding, for the most part. And pissed because they had to wait so long, but I really wanted to ask these people, "Who forced you to wait two hours, anyway? And why the hell are you taking it out on me?"

I had a lady flip out because we ran out of lasagna and she huffily told me she didn't want anything else. The check ended up getting comped, and the sons of bitches totally stiffed me. Actually, that was about midpoint into the shift and I'd already just given up and resigned myself to the chaos. I'd had to deal with the lady's totally bitchy attitude toward me during the entire meal, and then got nothing out of it but the strong urge to follow them out to the parking lot and scream at the top of my lungs, "HAPPY VALENTINES DAY, MOTHERFUCKERRRRRRRRRRS!!!!!!!!!!!"

I sated this desire by screaming it in the kitchen.

Beyond that, it was hot as hell in the restaurant because of the eight billion people up front, we ran out of the more popular menu items randomly and continually... It was hell. Unbelievable hell, and after all of that, I didn't even make 15%... walked out with $60.

Happy Valentines Day, indeed.

I begged the opening host to not put me and Alissa in the same room, so thankfully she and I both got a change of roommates for once. I was lucky enough to also get a change of rooms, but Alissa was stuck in Chianti again. However, I was evilly and sordidly amused by Alissa breaking down and crying out of frustration because of a big party she had at the family table. I found it incredibly hard to sympathize because she was such a bitch to me last week when the situation was reversed. So while she was freaking out, I just kind of glided by and went Ha ha.. in my head.

Frankly, I did very well in the attitude department last night, especially given the bullshit and stress I had to put up with. And I didn't freak out once, so I'm very proud of that. I pretty much just tried to be in a decent mood all night because I knew things would be so much worse if I let myself be dragged down.

And today wasn't much better, since, you know, we were still out of some pretty popular stuff. That and the fact that about a third of the staff called off. When we opened, we had no bussers, no salad maker, and only two hosts. Plus I think at least one server called off.

It was interesting, anyway. I decided that I would attack the day at a leisurely pace and tried to take everything in stride. I took my time with my tables, for one. Mostly I had nice and understanding people, which always helps on any Sunday day shift. I did get inexplicably stiffed by one table, but it was made up by an extremely generous $18 tip on my last table. That table was so awesome, by the way.. it's the kind of table that can completely turn a shift around. They were patient, understanding, friendly, and they took everything in stride, too, so we were joking easily about everything.

All I know is that when my relief finally arrived, I fled the restaurant and didn't look back. And then I had a lurvely nap.

Because I got talked into going out to Utopia last night after work. Mikey told me to just come after work, in my uniform, have a drink, and relax. My drag king streak thought it might be amusing to go to the gay bar in my men's work shirt and tie, so I thought what the hell. I definitely needed at least one drink by the end of the night. I'd earned it!

I went to the bar and Mikey was nowhere to be seen. However, Marla was, and thank god I spotted Dan, because I quickly got a drink and went over to his table, pretending I hadn't noticed Marla at the bar. After all, we hadn't made eye contact, so I could say that I hadn't seen her. And I don't even know why I was avoiding her, but I just really couldn't think of anything to say and didn't feel like getting sucked into an awful conversation with her.

I sat with Dan and this sickeningly-sweet gayboy couple, one of whom was having his 21st birthday. Mikey eventually arrived, and Marla walked past me like three times and totally acted like she didn't see me. Ah well, I guess that's one less thing I have to deal with?

And then I was walking to the bar, not even paying attention to anything, and all of a sudden, Jennifer is right next to me asking me if I wasn't going to say hi to her. Now, Jennifer is the woman I asked to come home with me a few weekends ago, and we should all remember that she turned me down.

The deal is that she was seeing Kit for a bit, while I was in Italy. I guess Jennifer really liked Kit, but Kit wasn't feeling it and lost interest, and last I heard is actually seeing someone else. Jennifer and Kit had gone out to the bar together, so I suppose that's part of the reason Jennifer turned me down. Also, I do feel like her flirting with me blatantly in front of Kit like that was supposed to have the effect of making Kit jealous.

I honestly didn't think Kit was interested, so I figured Jennifer was fair game. A bit tasteless of me, maybe, but what can I say? Jennifer is cute, interesting, deep, and she definitely intrigues me. Plus there's just something about her, some sort of chemistry or connection, that makes me want to figure out what it's all about.

So when Jennifer came up to me last night, I struck up a conversation with her, and I asked her to go out with me. And she said yes. We danced, then chatted a little. Exchanged the digits. Set a date for the date.

I'm actually really excited. Like I said, I'm not entirely sure yet what it is, but I'm drawn to her. She's not exactly what normally would be my type.. actually she's finishing school to become a trucker. But before you have this image of a big, scary tobacco-chewin' bulldyke, she's actually about where I am as far as straddling the girl-boy line. She's got long-ish hair, a really cute smile, and she's somewhat tomboyish.

The only thing is that I sense she likes to play games. This in itself is not a problem for me, because if you have the right 'opponent', games can be kind of fun. I'm not talking about harmful, mind-fucking games, because I have had my lifetime fill of that and as soon as I get a hint of it, I'm gone. I'm talking more of kind of teasing games, little harmless things.

At least so far, it seems harmless. And it's strange, but it's part of the allure. It's kind of like I'm playing chess with her, and we both know it. And I think we both know that we'll probably really hit it off and at least end up in the sack together, if nothing else.

I'm just a little worried the harmless games will turn more malicious, because that would be really disappointing. Because I do really like her, and I want to see how it goes.

And I feel like I should say something to Kit about it so she doesn't hear it somewhere else, but I'm kind of afraid to, lest she be pissed at me for like moving in on her territory or something. But then again, when Kit is done with something, she tends to be really done, so she may not even care at all.

Friday. Dinner. w00t.

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