Thursday, February 12, 2004

Sleep? What Is That?

I have royally screwed up my sleep schedule, what with staying up past dawn downloading The L Word. I really did try to go to bed at a decent hour last night so I'd be well-rested for school today, but my past week of sleeping in wouldn't allow it. I had maybe five hours of sleep last night, and that is less than half my recommended daily allowance. I would love nothing more than to crawl in bed right now.

But this madness has to end somewhere, so I am valiantly attempting to stay awake all the way through the day, ending with math class from 7-9pm. Algebra, five hours of sleep.. we'll see how that goes. I reckon I'll be half-asleep in class, but she'll be doing review, so I'll just get my homework done. Oh, and that's my latest thing. Since she spends half the class going over any issues we had on the homework, if I don't have something to occupy me, the class drags. Cause, like, I get it. And there's this really annoying guy in the class that is just straight up dumb, but runs his mouth all the time.

So if I do my homework during that time, I can tune everything else out. And it's kinda fun.

Anyhow, I've been kind of pondering Sociology as a career option. I do keep coming back to the Forestry thing, but Sociology intrigues me because it's not something I ever even remotely considered, but I find it very interesting. Back when I was thinking I would be a biologist and trying to narrow down the field, I knew I wanted to do research. I'm all about experiments and figuring things out, and of course, as we all know, I have about a billion theories in my head just dying to be tested.

Before I settled on Forestry, I really had no clue what I wanted to do. There are all sorts of things that interest me, and all sorts of things I want to learn, but I couldn't settle on anything that I'd want to do for the rest of my life. So I changed majors a lot, tried a bunch of things, then got really into music and theater for a while and pretty much dropped the whole pretense of going to college to study a major.

I played with the idea of being a research psychiatrist, because I met one and not only was she fascinating, the kinds of things she was researching were things I would have liked to have known the results on. Plus, you know, I have always wanted to be a doctor. ;) But, like.. even though I'm really good with figuring people out and stuff, I never really wanted to be a clinical psychiatrist or psychologist, because I just couldn't deal with listening to everyone's problems day in and day out.

I took psych last semester, and I thought it was pretty interesting. But the class kind of made me realize that no, I don't want to be a psychiatrist or psychologist. I like to read about the stuff, but I don't see myself as doing anything more. But sociology! Sociology I could really dig my teeth into.

I can't exactly see myself as a sociologist, because frankly the field is so broad and has so many applications. So it's kind of tough to try to envision what I'd be doing when I don't know enough about the science to know what there is. That's another thing. I love that it's a science. I know it seems kind of dumb, because I don't know what I thought it was, but I certainly didn't take it seriously enough to want to take any sociology classes.

But like.. while we are covering things we covered in psych, there are different aspects that weren't discussed. And, incidentally, the kinds of things I'm interested in. Certain behaviors, maladjustments, etc. and their practical applications. Why it happens. The effect of it happening. How people react and treat each other, different case studies of different sociological issues. Stuff like that.

I learned something kind of crazy to day, but I think it's cool. We're covering human development, and of course Freud came up, and we talked about his theory of the various psychosexual stages. Then a theory on how morality develops. we moved onto to sex/gender, both physiological and identified.

Take a minute and think about this question -- How many sexes are there? Two, right? That's the general belief, when you think gender, you think in terms of there being two sexes, male and female. But did you know that there are FIVE sexes? Yeah, five!

Consider this your little sociology lesson for today. I'll list them:

* Female (physically/genetically true female)
* Male (physically/genetically true male)
* Herm (hermaphrodite, full male and female genitals)
* Ferm (XX -- nominally female -- genetic karyotype)
* Merm (XY -- nominally male -- genetic karyotype)

There you have it, the five sexes. Apparently the rate of occurrance of intersexuals (the last three on the list) is about the same as redheadedness. Interesting, eh? You might even know one and not even be aware of it, since the Ferms and Merms often look very much like their genetic sex.

So anyhoo. My coffee is downed, the clock is ticking, so I should shed the PJs and head back to school. Later!