Tuesday, February 10, 2004

The L Word = Crack

Okay, so yeah. Hi.. my name is Alena and I'm hopelessly addicted to The L Word.

When I saw the previews for this show, I knew that I would love it. The problem is, I don't have TV. Nor can I afford to pay elleventy hundred dollars for enough cable to get the one damn show I care about watching. It's been a conundrum. I must watch The L Word, but... how?

I had a fantastic dinner with Kit and we pretty much made up, I think. We'll see how it all unfolds. As we were leaving, she mentioned wanting to get home in time for The L Word and I was so beyond jealous that she was getting to watch it. Then we discussed the show a little while, and by the time I got home, I was absolutely dying to watch it.

I knew it was just a few episodes into the season, but being the evil media pirate that I am, I figured I might as well check Kazaa for it. You know, on the off-chance.

And OMG, there were the episodes! I whetted my appetite on the first part of the first episode while I waited for the full episode to finish. I just kept watching clips or parts, and re-watching.

I'm hooked like crack, I'm telling you.

I hopped on BT and got the remaining three episodes. Yeah, I fucking love the show. I mean, it's about damn time we lesbians have our own decent programming. I just cannot deal with Queer As Folk. I hate that show. But The L Word is really well done, and their writers are great. I mean, it certainly depicts the eccentricity and tolerance of L.A. very closely to what it's like, and I have identified with all the characters at one time or another. So I guess they got the whole lesbian experience thing right, showing that it's both as normal and as fucked up as any other sexual orientation.

And can someone explain to me WTF a 'lesbian-identified male' is? I died when I heard that; it's so uniquely Californian.

So yeah, I totally have the hots for Dana and Marina. TOTALLY. I was all about Marina at first, because she's tall, sexy, and intense. And that accent... mmmm. Someone I was talking to described her as cold, but I would bet money that she's a Scorpio. She's not cold. There's definitely something simmering underneath that controlled veneer. She's both mysterious and a bit intimidating with her powerful presence. And check out that soul-penetrating gaze she has. That's all Scorpio, baby.

I was thinking I kind of identified with Dana, because she and I are kind of geeky and insecure on the inside but try to cover it up with this blase kind of smokescreen. A lot of her expressions crack me up because I make them, too. And we're both complete chickenshits when it comes to girls and rely on a lot of help from friends to get that rare date. "Oh my god, Dana has a date!" Yeah. But then during the fourth episode, you get to see her hook up with a great girl, and she shows this kind of dorky, cute side that hasn't been shown before. And I don't know what it is about that dorkiness that does it for me, but like, I think the second time I watched the fourth episode, I kinda fell in love with Dana. She is just soooo goofy and sweet. And so dorky-cute.

So yeah. And the fact that these beautiful women are getting it on before my eyes, it's almost too much. There's gonna have to be some sort of 12 Step program for me here. I see this now.

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