Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Hot Diggity Dumped

You guessed it. The drama unfolds as Jennifer informed me tonight on the phone that she and Kit were 'talking again'. I was left to divine the exact meaning of this, as she wouldn't out-and-out say what it is she was trying to say. Because I knew it would be so much easier if she was the one dumping me, I dragged it all out of her, piece by piece, and made her say everything.

The scoop (via Mikey, Jennifer omitted quite a bit) apparently is that she and Kit resolved their differences, and I guess they went out to eat and talk on Sunday. Which would be the reason Jennifer never called me back. Kit has no romantic inclination toward Jennifer whatsoever, and is willing enough to be her friend, albeit without the psycho drama, but will not be dating her.

Jennifer is a chickenshit, by the way. I asked her if she still had feelings for Kit -- something not terribly hard to divine from her behavior -- and she waffled and said, "I'd say probably yes." And was quite surprised that I figured it out. Gawd. People must take me for a moron.. like I don't have eyes, and am not super perceptive about shit?

And then when I had to ask her if she and Kit would be going out again, she said, "I'd say probably yes." That seemed to be her answer for everything, since she wouldn't be up-front about any of it. I knew where she was going with the conversation and I led her in a little dance around the bush she was beating until she finally spilled it.

She 'just feels really comfortable with Kit'. I'm 'a really interesting person' and she wanted me to know that it's not anything to do with me at all. While in my head, I was kind of laughing because I know that for a fact. Oh, and that she thinks I'm really attractive. Mikey was like, "What the fuck is that? I'm breaking up with you, but I think you're hot?"

Yeah, I dunno. I'm not upset about it, other than the fact that no matter the circumstances, I FUCKING HATE BEING DUMPED. And it pisses me off that she probably thinks she has the upper hand now, even though I'm actually really glad I happened to escape unscathed. But whatever.

Actually, I'm more interested in sitting back and watching the inevitable shit hit the fan, cause you just know it's going to. I mean, Jennifer is apparently deluded in her current beliefs and perceptions, and considering she's setting herself up again to be smacked down by Kit, it's not going to be pretty when Jennifer realizes she ain't never gonna have her.

Whether she tries to pick me up after that, I'm also interested to see. I know that I was a rebound thing and mostly served a purpose in Jennifer's trying to make Kit jealous. Just my ego wants to know maybe part of her interest was genuinely my sparkling and wonderful personality. Or was all of it just fake bullshit?

But yeah. I'm free! Freeeee!!

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