Sunday, January 11, 2004


Sometimes the searches my visitors use are too amusing, intriguing, or bizarre to resist finding out for myself. I occasionally click on the searches people have used to get to my site, and usually I find a trove of randomness. It's cool.

So on a totally unrelated referring search link, I stumbled across the 'Read What Others Have Said' section of Medieval Times (you know, the restaurant chain).

I've always kind of wanted to go to a Medieval Times, though I think I might be too much of a historical purist to really enjoy the show. Anyhow, because I've always sort of wanted to go, I started reading the letters people had written (all good stuff, of course). I was also curious as to what section of the population goes to Medieval Times, because I think it might be a cool place to work. You know, if we had one around here and I got to wear a costume all day. I know I'm a freak.

The letters seem to be from the same semi-literate people who frequent my restaurant, which is both a shame and a slight surprise. I mean, I recall hearing some fairly expensive rates for dinner there, not to mention the expensive souvenirs they apparently sell.

The letters amuse me and I think it's very interesting to see what people choose to comment on. By far, my favorite letter (emphasis mine on the best part of all):

In the summer of 2002, I had the pleasure of going to the medieval times
show of Myrtle Beach on our trip to Sunset Beach. I think that it was one of
the best parts of our vacation. The horses were cool to watch and my sister
had a rose thrown to her. It was neat how the audience really interacts with
the show. AND, the food was AUSOME! There was a whole half of a chicken!

Ben S. from Ohio


I can almost hear the father saying it:

My name is Shauna, and the first time that I went to Medieval Times was on an 8 grade field trip, when we got there I expected it to be some stupid place few people knew about, but when we got in the arena and saw it, I was amazed! We were seated in the yellow section and that turned out to be the best, even though our class screamed out everyone in the entire place, the yellow knight still was beaten. Almost a year after that I still say to people that "Yellow should have won", and even used GoYellow as a screen name for myself. Then another year passed and I couldn't wait for my next visit, which was last Christmas. This time with my family which was my older sister, mother, and father, we took our seats in the green section, thanks to my dad's request. The food was still incredible, and so was the action, but alas we still came up beaten for the second time by the yellow and red knight who came up champion over all. After the performance, I asked my father how he liked it, and it turns out he imagined it same as me, a small shabby dinner house with cheap thrills that survives only on the cost, which he discovered we totally not the case that night.
This story was to say how much fun I have had dining at Medieval Times, and cannot wait until my next meal within the walls of the castle. See you soon.

Sincerely- Shauna Mogan

"I loved spending $50 at the gift shop":

went in a school trip in june and i plan to go many more times. food was great, show was spectacular. i loved it. i spent 50 dollars at the gift shop it was great..
it was THE bomb
chan young kim of staten island, new york

From the Things-That-Make-You-Go-Hmmm Category:

Hi I am Tabby! I have been to Medieval Times on a class trip! We wore blue crowns! We have to cheer for the blue knight! It was fun. Can't you imagine that? WOW! It was....... FANTASTIC,TERIFIC,GREAT,ALL DAY LONG....UHH!! HHHHHEEEEE HHHHHAAAAAA!!!

-Tabby Jones

What drugs are they giving the kids at school these days, and where can I get some?

And... And... Just because punctuation is evil:

I visited the one in New Jersey on march 4 I watched the 11:00 one it was
amazing I never had so much fun and I lost my voice cheering for the Blue
knight I plan to go back whenever i get a chance bacause I can watch that
show a million times and still not get bored and I also think the food and
the costumes and the actors were all great and i had a wonderfull time
especialy eating with my hands
From TJ Go Blue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maybe she should concentrate less on the boyfriend and more on studying English:

Hello, My name is Linda I'm 15 years old, I'm from
Charleston,South Carolina. I vites Medieval Times on March 20th 2003.
I went with teacher from North Charleston High School
It is not the first time i have been there. Its like the 3rd or 4th
time i been there. I really enjoyed it alot, because it was fun to which
some thing like that. that had happen in past.
How long it take to teach the horses the diffent things? I wish i
could bring my bofriend up there and show him what it is like. I'm very
sure he would like it alot like I did.
Thank You very much for your time
talk to yall soon agian bye-bye

The wait from the dark ages to now?:

I enjoyed the trip to Medieval times .It was really worth the wait .Medieval times was a great experience because it had taught me how battles back then had effected the people .This trip was one of the best trips that were educational .My school had fun and wish to come back soon! I hope you good luck on your next show!
I went to the Medieval Times in Dallas with my high-school band at the end
of my Senior year. It was amazing! Right after our waitress gave us her
name (I can't remember what it was) she said, "I will be your wench tonight,
and yes, you can call me that." I think the funniest part of the whole
entire night was when the knights walked out into the arena before the games
began with their whole entourages, and the crowd cheered for their
particular knight. Because when our waitress stepped out onto the sand, one
of my friends stood up and yelled, "YEAH!! That's my wench!!"
Edmond, OK

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