Monday, January 26, 2004


I just wasted about 45 minutes fucking around at Circuit City on what I'd previously believed would be a very simple trip to go grab me some RAM that's on sale. No customers were in the store and all the sales guys were clumped around talking to each other. I generally hate salespeople in stores like that, because usually they're often practically young enough to be my children and don't know shit and have an attitude (god forbid you ask them a question and force them to do their job). I avoided attracting their attention and tried to find the RAM on my own.

When I couldn't, I tried to get by with simply asking where the memory sticks were. Of course because I'm female, I know these fuckwit boys think I don't know shit about computers. So the guy who showed me started the miscommunication ball rolling. I'd come in armed with a fairly decent knowledge of RAM and what my system needs, and all of a sudden the original sales guy has three others standing behind him, and they're all going, "184 pin RAM? No, no.. we don't have that.. we have 168.."

They asked me what kind of computer I have. I explained that I built it, and told them the name of my motherboard manufacturer (they just stared at me blankly). I knew my motherboard isn't outdated, I knew I needed 184 pin DDRAM. I knew what it looks like. I knew my system requirements and limits. The guys eventually gave up, I guess, and walked off to let me browse the RAM in peace. I'd just picked up a box to look at it, when another guy (who ended up being the only person in the entire store that knew anything about RAM) came up and told me none of the memory would work on my computer, because I needed RAMBUS memory. I know what RAMBUS is, and I know that after an ill-fated year or so, they stopped making it. I also knew that I didn't need RAMBUS, so I tried to tell the guy that, but it was like he was persuading me I was an idiot and had no idea what I was talking about, because suddenly, I began to wonder if he was right.

At least he was really nice, and he knew what he was talking about. He led me over to a wired terminal and had me look up my motherboard and stuff. I'd picked up a stick of 256MB memory that looked like what I already have in my computer, and brought it to the terminal to compare specs. When the guy came back over, I showed him my motherboard manual and he goes, "You have an Athlon? That's all you had to say.. RAMBUS memory is only Intel, AMD won't run it. he [the other guy] told me you had a Pentium 4. Yeah, this memory should work."

Criminy. So I went back over to the memory section and asked him a few questions. I wanted to know about the other RAM they carried because it was all PC133, which I knew was kind of old. I mean, they only had one piece of RAM that was PC2700, meaning only one stick out of everything there that would work in my computer. I had him check the price for me, but seriously, like $69 for 256MB? That's silly. I was looking online last night and found some in the $30-$40 range. There was a $10 rebate on the Circuit City one, but without a checking account, that's sort of pointless for me.

So yeah, after all of that, I walked out with nothing other than the knowledge that Circuit City sucks. I'll have to order online and send a money order or something. Hell, for $70, I can probably get 512MB.

Anyhow. My date... it wasn't really bad, so I was kind of worrying for nothing, but that's just the way I operate. The problem was the movie we'd wanted to see stopped playing this week and we had about twelve hours to figure out what to see, and much of that time I was at work. We had planned to have dinner first and then go see the late showing of Mona Lisa Smile, but I picked the new LoTR movie cause I really wanted to see it. It started at 8, and of course, I wasn't thinking that it was like three and a half hours long, and that it was Sunday, and that all the restaurants would be closed when the movie got out.

She hadn't seen the previous two movies, but I didn't have to twist her arm very far to get her to go. I explained the story up to the point of the last movie, and filled her in some during the show. Anyway, in a sense, it was kind of weird because I never did get a chance to have a real conversation with her, so I still don't really know.

The thing is, I think she's nice and she's cute, I just don't really feel that spark that should be there by now. I mean, I can't imagine kissing her, and that can't be a sign that I'm interested.

I felt kind of guilty about missing dinner because I'd had to take a nap before meeting her, due to my habit of staying up late and having to get up for work a few hours later. So I agreed to have dinner with her another time. It can't hurt, and at least we can have a normal conversation. I just don't think the feeling is there for me.

One last thing.. something I don't get. Maybe I'm lame and stuff, but I always have at least one personals ad up somewhere. I rarely get any responses, but every once in a while, I'll get an email from someone who not only is attractive, but seems really interesting. So then I get all excited, thinking I might get to know this person better, and I write them a nice note back. And then I never hear from them again. My photo is in my ad, as are all my specs and info. So I don't get it. Why write me if you don't want to talk to me?

Freaks. Women are freaks!

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