Friday, January 30, 2004

Days Go By

I don't even know where the week went. I've been busier than I anticipated with school, which seems to really suck up my time, and Mikey came over late Monday night and that just sort of made everything else a blur.

You see, I took Ecstacy for the first time on Monday night and I've been hesitant to talk about it here because now that I've tried it, I feel sort of a stigma on myself. Maybe it's only me, but now I'm just another one of those dumb kids who does Ecstacy. Cause yes, I know that Ecstacy is dangerous, so please don't yell at me.

I've always been interested in altered states, and I did quite a bit of acid and mushrooms in my day (not to mention the fields of reefer I must have smoked in my lifetime). Ever since X appeared, I've been curious about it. I knew eventually I would try it, just to see what it was like.

If you've never done it, I know it's kind of hard to understand people's accounts of their experiences while rolling. When you have done it, suddenly you understand what everyone was talking about. The feeling was beyond amazing, and frankly the name, ecstacy is the perfect word to describe my state. I felt completely good and happy.. I had no worries, I was with my best friend, and everything was really funny. It felt amazing to move and stretch. My mind felt pretty clear, and was I kind of surprised how composed and in control I felt despite the total euphoria. And unlike mushrooms, which make me kind of tired and lazy, I had energy and it felt good to get up and walk around and stuff.

Mikey and I hung out at my house with my blue and green party lights on, downloading and listening to songs we wanted to hear. We also had the best heart-to-heart conversation and I got to tell him how much he means to me and how much I love him for everything he's done for me and my self-confidence; something that I'm too shy and embarrased to tell him normally. I took out some old photos of me to show him, to kind of drive home how much weight I've lost and how different I look now. I explained to him that that is why I act all weird and shy and insecure, because I'm not used to this me yet. I'm gradually getting better, but it's taking some adjusting to.

We also talked about my issues with Kit and he suggested something very practical, so I'm going to t ry it. Overall, I feel very much like I bonded with Mikey and I am just so happy that my first time on X was with him. I had a ton of fun.

The reason I like mind-altering drugs is that in some ways they expand your mind. They get me thinking about things I might never have thought of, or allow me to dig deeper and figure out issues. It seemed really important to me that Mikey understand my personal metamorphasis. So for the next couple of days I thought about it, and I realized that I still have a fat girl inside. That my perspective is slowly shifting, but in a lot of ways, I still see the world through the eyes of the old me.

I played with my camera a little while we were rolling, and got to use him as a subject to experiment with long-exposure digital photography. I got about four such pictures of him in various positions, and I have to say they're pretty damn cool. The effect on them is really interesting, and I want to do more. I'd post them somewhere but I promised Mikey I'd keep them private.

Anyway.. A couple awesome links from Alex:

Sidewalk drawings in Perspective

Alex says this is real.. crazy electricity

Monday, January 26, 2004


I just wasted about 45 minutes fucking around at Circuit City on what I'd previously believed would be a very simple trip to go grab me some RAM that's on sale. No customers were in the store and all the sales guys were clumped around talking to each other. I generally hate salespeople in stores like that, because usually they're often practically young enough to be my children and don't know shit and have an attitude (god forbid you ask them a question and force them to do their job). I avoided attracting their attention and tried to find the RAM on my own.

When I couldn't, I tried to get by with simply asking where the memory sticks were. Of course because I'm female, I know these fuckwit boys think I don't know shit about computers. So the guy who showed me started the miscommunication ball rolling. I'd come in armed with a fairly decent knowledge of RAM and what my system needs, and all of a sudden the original sales guy has three others standing behind him, and they're all going, "184 pin RAM? No, no.. we don't have that.. we have 168.."

They asked me what kind of computer I have. I explained that I built it, and told them the name of my motherboard manufacturer (they just stared at me blankly). I knew my motherboard isn't outdated, I knew I needed 184 pin DDRAM. I knew what it looks like. I knew my system requirements and limits. The guys eventually gave up, I guess, and walked off to let me browse the RAM in peace. I'd just picked up a box to look at it, when another guy (who ended up being the only person in the entire store that knew anything about RAM) came up and told me none of the memory would work on my computer, because I needed RAMBUS memory. I know what RAMBUS is, and I know that after an ill-fated year or so, they stopped making it. I also knew that I didn't need RAMBUS, so I tried to tell the guy that, but it was like he was persuading me I was an idiot and had no idea what I was talking about, because suddenly, I began to wonder if he was right.

At least he was really nice, and he knew what he was talking about. He led me over to a wired terminal and had me look up my motherboard and stuff. I'd picked up a stick of 256MB memory that looked like what I already have in my computer, and brought it to the terminal to compare specs. When the guy came back over, I showed him my motherboard manual and he goes, "You have an Athlon? That's all you had to say.. RAMBUS memory is only Intel, AMD won't run it. he [the other guy] told me you had a Pentium 4. Yeah, this memory should work."

Criminy. So I went back over to the memory section and asked him a few questions. I wanted to know about the other RAM they carried because it was all PC133, which I knew was kind of old. I mean, they only had one piece of RAM that was PC2700, meaning only one stick out of everything there that would work in my computer. I had him check the price for me, but seriously, like $69 for 256MB? That's silly. I was looking online last night and found some in the $30-$40 range. There was a $10 rebate on the Circuit City one, but without a checking account, that's sort of pointless for me.

So yeah, after all of that, I walked out with nothing other than the knowledge that Circuit City sucks. I'll have to order online and send a money order or something. Hell, for $70, I can probably get 512MB.

Anyhow. My date... it wasn't really bad, so I was kind of worrying for nothing, but that's just the way I operate. The problem was the movie we'd wanted to see stopped playing this week and we had about twelve hours to figure out what to see, and much of that time I was at work. We had planned to have dinner first and then go see the late showing of Mona Lisa Smile, but I picked the new LoTR movie cause I really wanted to see it. It started at 8, and of course, I wasn't thinking that it was like three and a half hours long, and that it was Sunday, and that all the restaurants would be closed when the movie got out.

She hadn't seen the previous two movies, but I didn't have to twist her arm very far to get her to go. I explained the story up to the point of the last movie, and filled her in some during the show. Anyway, in a sense, it was kind of weird because I never did get a chance to have a real conversation with her, so I still don't really know.

The thing is, I think she's nice and she's cute, I just don't really feel that spark that should be there by now. I mean, I can't imagine kissing her, and that can't be a sign that I'm interested.

I felt kind of guilty about missing dinner because I'd had to take a nap before meeting her, due to my habit of staying up late and having to get up for work a few hours later. So I agreed to have dinner with her another time. It can't hurt, and at least we can have a normal conversation. I just don't think the feeling is there for me.

One last thing.. something I don't get. Maybe I'm lame and stuff, but I always have at least one personals ad up somewhere. I rarely get any responses, but every once in a while, I'll get an email from someone who not only is attractive, but seems really interesting. So then I get all excited, thinking I might get to know this person better, and I write them a nice note back. And then I never hear from them again. My photo is in my ad, as are all my specs and info. So I don't get it. Why write me if you don't want to talk to me?

Freaks. Women are freaks!

Sunday, January 25, 2004

We Hate Andy

Mikey (12:24:10 AM): this guy needs to keep his stringy haired comments to his damn self
Mikey (12:24:19 AM): youre my project not his


T-minus 4 hours until impending date.

But I get to see the new LoTR movie.. yay!

Saturday, January 24, 2004


I have really grown to dislike the whole bar scene around here. I mean, we have two gay bars, but they're populated with the same fairly small crowd of people. It also leans heavily toward the male side -- what I would give for a decent lesbian bar!

Anyhow, I waited on the guys the last time they were in town, and they were super nice. They were coming to Utopia (the new bar) tonight for another party, so I kind of wanted to go out because maybe I'd run into them, or maybe just maybe there might actually be a lesbian with them to check out.

Also Cindy and Angie from work were planning on going, too, so I thought it might be fun. I kind of forgot that Saturdays are male stripper night, which explained Cindy and Angie's eagerness to go out. I just have to say that does nothing for me, the men up there gyrating and taking their clothes off and shaking their dangly bits. So I got to sit there, nursing my one drink, watching the two straight girls working themselves into a quiver over the strippers.

Whee. I dunno.. usually I can tolerate it, but tonight, I wasn't really feeling it. I ran into a friend of Marla (my date) and we chatted briefly, then she asked me if I thought she was a freak. I'm hoping she was drunk, because if she' wasn't, maybe she is a freak. And then another friend of Marla's that I'd met last week stopped to sit and talk with me.

His name is Andy, and he was surprised that I remembered him. I remembered for a few reasons, but the main reason was he made such a strong first impression on me even before I met him. The first time I noticed him, I was sitting at the bar with Mikey and Andy was a few people over loudly bitching to the poor bartender about his drink; I forget what it was, but it apparently had too much pineapple and this was a major problem for him.

Mikey and I just stared at him as he negotiated rudely with the bartender. He was demanding, condescending, and really snotty. He also looks like he just stepped out of 1983. You totally wouldn't believe it. He has a total 80's haircut, long on the short side, and swept backwards. Then his outfits.. he seems to favor sweaters with a rolled-down turtleneck of some kind underneath. You can imagine I was a little appalled after I'd agreed to go out with Marla and then discovered he was a friend of hers.

So anyway, Andy sits down and starts talking to me. After a brief chat, he suddenly mentions that I'm going on a date with a really dear friend of his, and then starts giving me what I think were tips on how to get in good with Marla. He told me her qualities, then repeatedly cautioned me to not hurt her.

My impression of him from the other night had already cooled me to him, and this "protective friend" thing really turned me off. I mean, on one hand, I feel a little relief that she has someone who would so strongly vouch for her, but how many times do I have to be told?

Then these "tips" he was giving me. I could have died. He told me that Marla likes to be flattered and that I should compliment her a lot. He said I had to do my hair down and really nice, and wear nice clothes, and put on makeup, and be prissy. Marla apparently likes really prissy girls. I was a little offended, because he sure seemed to be assuming a lot by coming over and giving me this advice. I tried to tell him I'd planned on wearing my hair down, but he didn't care to hear anything I had to say, and just kept on talking and doling out little tidbits of wisdom.

When he told me to wear makeup and to be prissy, I put my foot down. I told him that I hate makeup and won't wear it, and that I'm not prissy. He then stated again all the improvements he envisioned, lipstick, blush, eyeliner; and that Marla likes prissy girls, as if he didn't even hear me.

I told him again that I'm not prissy and that I don't wear makeup, then smiled sweetly at him. He backed off and said something like he thought we'd get along well and stuff. Whatever, dude. 1983 called and they want their hairstyle back.

I am so nervous about this damn date and I just cannot wait to get it over with. Is that bad?

I didn't last very long at the bar.. maybe an hour. I got tired of looking at the naked men and same tired selection of mullets.

Yeah, So

Just two things to post tonight. One, I've reached a landmark in my life. Tonight, the first time ever, I asked someone to come home with me. She turned me down. Nevertheless, I'm quite impressed with what is either new self-confidence, or my iron-clad ballsyness.

Secondly, my desktop wallpaper simply disappeared on me earlier today, so I used a photo from Italy to replace it. I like it so much I figured I'd make it available here. It's made for 1024 x 768 resolutions, but if you want something smaller, just yell at me.

Thursday, January 22, 2004

Thursday Hell

Next semester, I will take care that all of my classes do not fall on one day. OMG. Thursdays are really gonna suck.

I've been kind of freaking out about my date, but part of the problem was that I couldn't figure out why I was freaking out. I'm a big emotional mess on the inside, and everything's all tangled up, which doesn't always make it easy to figure things out. So basically I obsess about stuff until I get it settled with myself. It's really unfun, but yanno.

Part of it is the age thing. I mean, 13 years isn't that terrible, and honestly, I don't have a problem with it. I figure it's not about how old someone is, it's about who they are and how they act. I realized I was stuck on it because I've had bad experiences with older women in the past. I dated two women in their early 30's, and both of them told me they didn't have a problem with my age. But it became apparent that they really did have a problem with it, made obvious in comments like, When I was your age.., I remember when I was going through that phase.., and You're so young.

I definitely appreciate the wisdom of experience, but I really dislike being patronized. Particularly by my girlfriend. If you're dating someone in their mid-20's, does it not stand to reason that they're young? I mean, it's not like they didn't know how young I was when we started going out. So anyway, I'm partly worried that this is going to be the theme again.

Then, after talking to Mikey, I kind of realized another thing that was freaking me out is that I'm not used to having someone so obviously attracted to me, and so eager to go out with me. I think part of it is that there's no challenge, nothing I have to secure or pursue. So being the emotional idiot I am, I have started off on totally the wrong foot in the email dialogue we've kept up over the week. Now, I don't know for certain that she thinks I'm a freak, but it's kind of the impression I get.

It's like those times when I get nervous and just start to babble, but I can't shut up. My brain is screaming SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP, but my mouth has a life of its own and it continues on anyway. I have very little control of my mouth, anyway, but when I babble, I know I look like an idiot. So here I was writing these emails, my brain basically screaming to shut up but I go ahead and send the letter anyway. I didn't know why I was doing it, but then I figured out today when I realized I was concerned that she wouldn't write me back that I'd basically subconsciously set myself up some drama in order to have a bit of a challenge. It coincided with me feeling considerably more at ease with the whole thing, less apprehensive over meeting her. So I think part of my problem was that things were too easy for me.

And I bitch when things are difficult. Like, Why can't things ever be easy for a change? Heh.

Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Da Nile

My mom has a problem with me being gay. It's actually kind of weird because growing up, she surrounded me with gay men, who made up the majority of her closest friends. My mom was a fag hag. But apparently, even though she seems cool with guys being gay, she can't accept that her daughter is a lesbian.

I'm not trying to say 'poor me' or anything, because I'm well aware that other gay people have significantly more difficult issues with their families in regards to their sexual orientation. I'm grateful that my mother is supportive in pretty much every other endeavor I pursue, that we're able to speak, that I wasn't cast out of my family for being gay.

However, I find it kind of strange that someone as liberal as my mom is in total denial about her daughter being a lesbian. Every now and then, I'll bring it up as a full-scale conversation, just to really plumb the depths of what she thinks about the issue. The last conversation we had about it was a couple of years ago, and I asked her if she had any problems with me being gay. She replied defensively, as she is wont to do, and protested that she didn't have any problems with it and that she loves me no matter what.

I probed a bit deeper and she told me (in relation to my not getting an apartment because I'd told them I was gay up-front) that if she were a landlord, and she found out her prospective tenant was gay, she would probably not rent to them. A bit shocked, I asked her why, and she told me, albeit somewhat vaguely, "Because I'm straight and I have more in common with straight people."

I was floored. I mean, my own mother, who birthed and raised me amongst a gaggle of gay men! There was so much I wanted to say to her, like, Don't you think that someone's sexual orientation is just a small part of who they are, and that you could actually have loads in common? and If you replaced the word 'gay' with 'black', would you still feel okay about that statement? I don't think I pursued the prejudice very far, mostly because I was speechless with stupefaction.

She took my silence as an opportunity to forge on. She told me that she thought my being gay was just a phase, and that I just haven't met the right man. Hello! I couldn't believe my mom was saying this. It still baffles me. Her reasoning was that because I've been pretty overweight most of my life, I have body image issues. And because of these alleged issues, I've been prevented from meeting and, consequently, getting involved with the normal number of men a girl my age should be.

She probably wouldn't believe the hard facts if I pointed them out to her. I tried dating men. I've had 21 sexual partners. Of that number, exactly 2/3 have been men. My mom asked me if I'd ever thought of marrying a man and settling down in the hetero life, and whether I believed it possible. Now, I think anything is possible. So I stupidly said yes, that it's possible, but I really didn't think it was going to happen. I think it's possible that I might sprout purple horns, but you know, it's probably highly unlikely.

That conversation didn't really resolve anything. I've avoided the full conversation about the subject, but every now and then I will mention something to kind of gauge a reaction. I mean, if I was straight and dating men, she would ask me how things were going in my relationships. She would want to gossip, to be involved. I know this because she's my mom and that's how she is. So when she asks me nothing about my lovelife, especially if I'm seeing someone, it's a glaring enough omission that it's almost like her point-blank stating she doesn't approve.

I talked to her on the phone today, which is why this topic is on my mind. When I'm not feeling nervous and shit, I'm pretty excited about my upcoming date. My mom and I were chit-chatting and she asked me for my news, so I casually mentioned I have a date on Sunday, and she just so obviously didn't want to talk about it. She replied something like, "Oh yeah? Emmm.. that's great.." and then promptly changed the subject.

I suppose I should start getting around to accepting this. On another hand, I feel like she should accept it, because it's not going to change.

Monday, January 19, 2004


It's HaloScan server maintenance.


My comments have disappeared. I can't figure out any reason why, so I'm hoping it's a Blogger burp and not something I screwed up and have to dissect to figure out what.

Sunday, January 18, 2004

Okay, so I went out to the bar tonight with Mikey. 'The bar' is the new gay bar in town. And honey, let me tell you, it beats the pants off T.C. (the old bar). But anyway, I was feeling particularly good because I had a decent outfit to wear out, for once. I mean, at least in the summer, I can wear my nice t-shirts.

I made out over Christmas. I got not one, not two, but three cashmere sweaters. The first one was royal blue with a johnny collar, and frankly, it looked so good on me that my mom gave it to me! The second came the week before I was due to leave, when she gave me the black scoop v-neck one. And the third is a fuzzy black turtleneck.

So I was wearing my scoop-neck black cashmere sweater, tight stretch jeans (Steve and Barry's, $9), black pea coat (Steve and Barry's, $9), navy blue- and dark lime green-striped scarf.. I was looking pretty good. All I needed was my new pair of leather gloves (yeah, I got those gifted to me, too, by my Italian grandmother!) and I would have been completely sophisticated.

Mikey and I just kinda chilled at the bar for a bit, chit-chatted, people watched, all that. Not a lot was happening, and there didn't appear to be anyone worth talking to, for either of us. A couple people had tried to catch my eye, and then kind of out of nowhere, this cute, sort of boyish-looking woman standing at the bar next to me asked me, "I just had to know, do you always just sit there all prim and proper?"

For a second, I realized I probably did look pretty prim and proper, sitting there all quiet and holding my bag in my lap. Then I just kind of laughed and said that I didn't mean to look it. She then struck up a conversation with me where I got that she was really interested in me. She eventually walked away, and I turned back to Mikey to talk about what had just happened. Then, a few minutes later, she came back and handed me a folded-up napkin with her number on it.

I don't think I've ever been picked up before. Like... ever. So you can maybe indulge me here and let me gush a bit. Not only that, but she was obviously really attracted to me and wanted to go out with me more than anyone I have ever met. I don't say that in an egotistical way, it's more of a marvel to me. I used to be fat, and I used to be ignored a lot, so things like being attractive, being picked up, someone being really interested.. it's all new to me.

In any case, I'm going on a date with her next weekend. We chatted a bit more and we seem to have stuff in common, plus she seems to be a nice, normal person. She's also 40. I'm not sure what I think about that, but on the whole, I don't think I care, because she seems young enough in personality. She just has maturity, which I think I might as well give a shot in a relationship.

So anyway, I'm kind of freaked out, happy, and nervous all at the same time.

Saturday, January 17, 2004

I keep forgetting to post about my insane New Year's experience, but in any case, I was invited to a large dinner party in Genoa by my Italian friend Miki. I met a lot of people (the pictures are in my photo album), and one of the first that I met that day was Gabriele (or Gabbo). He totally reminded me of Peter, so I had to get a picture of him.

Thursday, January 15, 2004

Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Ok Ok Ok Ok

Well, I've been busy. My bags arrived Sunday night, thank god! I went through an initial panic while trying to install the Kodak software for connecting the camera to my computer; I'm not sure exactly what's going on, but even though I'm running XP, my computer seems to think it's running Windows NT. I noticed this before I blocked my IP address on Gostats, that it was listing my operating system as NT.

In any case, the Kodak CD says that the software won't install on NT, so I was panicking, thinking I might have to break down and buy a damn card reader. When shopping for motherboards, I was |---| this close to buying one that had card readers built in, so I was kind of kicking myself.

But you know, the more I use XP, the more I love it. Never mind the little annoying things, I find myself incredibly pleased every time I add a new peripheral or piece of hardware. XP has support for just about everything built in already, and I didn't even need any extra software to connect my camera. Fucking r0x0r.

Or my new CD burner. I don't think I've mentioned that yet. I got some money from my Italian grandparents, and I knew immediately that I would hang onto the money until I came back, to buy a CD burner. I learned my lesson with the Polaroid burner -- one, Polaroid sucks ass and two, if you buy a $20 CD burner, you're more likely than not to get what you paid for. Instead of dealing with packaging up and mailing off the Polaroid burner for an exchange, I just decided to say fuck it and bought a $50 burner at Wal-Mart, instead.

Now, I normally wouldn't make important hardware purchases at Wal-Mart, but I knew that if the burner turned out to not work, or if it was a piece of shit, that I could return it and just get my money back. Fortunately, after struggling with the Nero software and it causing my computer to seriously freeze/crash every time the cache got to 65%, I discovered that XP has CD burning support built right in, and that it's as easy as dragging and dropping files.

I got my computer into a bit of a mess before I left for Italy; I was trying to fix a couple errors as well as System Restore, so I tried to do a new install of XP. thinking it would overwrite my old system files. Well, it said it would, anyway. So after an initial panic of thinking I'd erased my hard drive by accident, I surrendered and started to rebuild everything again.

This is when I discovered something strange. After I downloaded Musicmatch Jukebox, all my MP3s, previously believed to be gone into the ether, loaded up. I sat there staring at the screen with my mouth open as my library populated itself.

I was a bit dumbfounded, and then I started actually poking around, looking for things. When I thought I'd erased everything, I never bothered, because, frankly, I've been there before (accidentally deleting or losing everything) and I was resigned to the fact from the very beginning. What I discovered is that instead of overwriting the previous OS, XP created an entirely different set. I then noticed I was suddenly missing 5 GB of hard disk space -- putting me down to 4 GB free, not cool.

I asked the computer guru, Alex, and he said it wasn't easy getting rid of the second OS. I started thinking about intentionally (ha ha) formatting my hard drive, since I know I had all sorts of bits and pieces left over from programs I'd removed, the extra OS I wanted to get rid of, and various stuff like that (i.e. all the shit I've fucked up). I thought that since I have a burner now, I could just put all the really irreplaceable stuff on CD. I mean, I had enough of a scare and disappointment when I'd first thought I lost everything, so I wanted to back it all up on CD anyway.

It took me about five hours overall, to burn all the CDs. Only one CD has actual programs and stuff on it; fifteen of them have all my irreplaceable MP3s (friends' albums I'd copied to disk, rare, bootleg, etc.). I didn't bother burning the MP3s that I have in my CD library, that's easy enough to fix later.

In any case, I formatted my hard drive, but not before taking my burned CDs to school with me just to make doubly sure that the information was actually burned onto disc and not cleverly cached or something somewhere on my system. Cause knowing my luck, that would happen to me. I also made a hard copy of my backup CD.. the original backup is a CD-RW that I can use like a floppy, and I thought I'd make a plain old CD-R copy on top of it -- just in case -- because you never fucking know. And I have the worst luck with shit, so I have learned over the years to be as prepared as possible.

Amazingly, everything went off without a hitch. I imagine my computer is happy, now that it's not struggling through the sludge of two operating systems, random files, and fragmenty-bits-and-pieces files. It's still listing my OS as NT, though, which I just can't figure out, but it might be due to the LAN port that came built into my motherboard.

I don't have everything installed yet, like I have to add Norton and my pop-up killer. And my offer still stands that anyone who wants a great pop-up killer for free -- without viruses -- just has to email me. It's not a huge file, and everyone should be free of pop-ups.

So yeah, I've been kinda busy, but overall am very glad that my computer's all cleaned out and fixed, at least for the time being.

I have a new photo album: Random/Artsy Photos

And a treasure trove of compiled stuff about ENFPs.

Sunday, January 11, 2004

The Literate L337

This is, by far, the best Flash I have ever seen on the web.


Sometimes the searches my visitors use are too amusing, intriguing, or bizarre to resist finding out for myself. I occasionally click on the searches people have used to get to my site, and usually I find a trove of randomness. It's cool.

So on a totally unrelated referring search link, I stumbled across the 'Read What Others Have Said' section of Medieval Times (you know, the restaurant chain).

I've always kind of wanted to go to a Medieval Times, though I think I might be too much of a historical purist to really enjoy the show. Anyhow, because I've always sort of wanted to go, I started reading the letters people had written (all good stuff, of course). I was also curious as to what section of the population goes to Medieval Times, because I think it might be a cool place to work. You know, if we had one around here and I got to wear a costume all day. I know I'm a freak.

The letters seem to be from the same semi-literate people who frequent my restaurant, which is both a shame and a slight surprise. I mean, I recall hearing some fairly expensive rates for dinner there, not to mention the expensive souvenirs they apparently sell.

The letters amuse me and I think it's very interesting to see what people choose to comment on. By far, my favorite letter (emphasis mine on the best part of all):

In the summer of 2002, I had the pleasure of going to the medieval times
show of Myrtle Beach on our trip to Sunset Beach. I think that it was one of
the best parts of our vacation. The horses were cool to watch and my sister
had a rose thrown to her. It was neat how the audience really interacts with
the show. AND, the food was AUSOME! There was a whole half of a chicken!

Ben S. from Ohio


I can almost hear the father saying it:

My name is Shauna, and the first time that I went to Medieval Times was on an 8 grade field trip, when we got there I expected it to be some stupid place few people knew about, but when we got in the arena and saw it, I was amazed! We were seated in the yellow section and that turned out to be the best, even though our class screamed out everyone in the entire place, the yellow knight still was beaten. Almost a year after that I still say to people that "Yellow should have won", and even used GoYellow as a screen name for myself. Then another year passed and I couldn't wait for my next visit, which was last Christmas. This time with my family which was my older sister, mother, and father, we took our seats in the green section, thanks to my dad's request. The food was still incredible, and so was the action, but alas we still came up beaten for the second time by the yellow and red knight who came up champion over all. After the performance, I asked my father how he liked it, and it turns out he imagined it same as me, a small shabby dinner house with cheap thrills that survives only on the cost, which he discovered we totally not the case that night.
This story was to say how much fun I have had dining at Medieval Times, and cannot wait until my next meal within the walls of the castle. See you soon.

Sincerely- Shauna Mogan

"I loved spending $50 at the gift shop":

went in a school trip in june and i plan to go many more times. food was great, show was spectacular. i loved it. i spent 50 dollars at the gift shop it was great..
it was THE bomb
chan young kim of staten island, new york

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Hi I am Tabby! I have been to Medieval Times on a class trip! We wore blue crowns! We have to cheer for the blue knight! It was fun. Can't you imagine that? WOW! It was....... FANTASTIC,TERIFIC,GREAT,ALL DAY LONG....UHH!! HHHHHEEEEE HHHHHAAAAAA!!!

-Tabby Jones

What drugs are they giving the kids at school these days, and where can I get some?

And... And... Just because punctuation is evil:

I visited the one in New Jersey on march 4 I watched the 11:00 one it was
amazing I never had so much fun and I lost my voice cheering for the Blue
knight I plan to go back whenever i get a chance bacause I can watch that
show a million times and still not get bored and I also think the food and
the costumes and the actors were all great and i had a wonderfull time
especialy eating with my hands
From TJ Go Blue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maybe she should concentrate less on the boyfriend and more on studying English:

Hello, My name is Linda I'm 15 years old, I'm from
Charleston,South Carolina. I vites Medieval Times on March 20th 2003.
I went with teacher from North Charleston High School
It is not the first time i have been there. Its like the 3rd or 4th
time i been there. I really enjoyed it alot, because it was fun to which
some thing like that. that had happen in past.
How long it take to teach the horses the diffent things? I wish i
could bring my bofriend up there and show him what it is like. I'm very
sure he would like it alot like I did.
Thank You very much for your time
talk to yall soon agian bye-bye

The wait from the dark ages to now?:

I enjoyed the trip to Medieval times .It was really worth the wait .Medieval times was a great experience because it had taught me how battles back then had effected the people .This trip was one of the best trips that were educational .My school had fun and wish to come back soon! I hope you good luck on your next show!
I went to the Medieval Times in Dallas with my high-school band at the end
of my Senior year. It was amazing! Right after our waitress gave us her
name (I can't remember what it was) she said, "I will be your wench tonight,
and yes, you can call me that." I think the funniest part of the whole
entire night was when the knights walked out into the arena before the games
began with their whole entourages, and the crowd cheered for their
particular knight. Because when our waitress stepped out onto the sand, one
of my friends stood up and yelled, "YEAH!! That's my wench!!"
Edmond, OK

Saturday, January 10, 2004


I've begun labeling my photos of Italy, so now viewers will have more of an idea just what the hell they're looking at.

Oh, and it also seems that it isn't necessary to register to view my photos, frabjous day! This was probably evident to everyone else, but I'm kinda slow, what can I say.

Lastly, I've fixed my links section (and all new links I put in) so that whenever you click on something, it'll open a new window. Now you can savor my site like a chocolate-covered pickle.


Alex, here is that photo I tried to link to before. I'm never wearing my hair like that again; it makes me look twelve -- as if I don't look young enough already!

I actually have better pictures of myself waiting to upload, but I have to wait till my sheep-shaggin' bags get here.

Gaaaah, Part 2

Day three of no bags in sight. If I hear nothing by tomorrow, I'm calling. I can't do anything without my stuff.. I can't upload any photos without the cable and software that are in one of my bags.. can't shave, can't wear normal clean underwear, can't wear a white bra to's driving me insane. Though the blue bra in a fairly transparent white men's work shirt look really says something, I think.

School starts on Monday, which seems incredibly soon, but at least I have my loan check waiting for me. The classes I'm taking are Beginning Algebra, Sociology, and Interpersonal Communication. The last one is just Speech, but without the get-up-in-front-of-everyone deals. I find the name to be kind of amusing.

I'm still trying to get used to being back. Next time, I'm going to take an extra day to decompress because I went back to work yesterday -- a split, very kind of them -- and I totally feel out of it and not myself. Could also be all the reefer I've been smoking after three weeks of abstinence.

Well, it's off to work for me once more. I'm trying to get back into the swing of having internet at home and being able to surf around to bring content to my blog, so bear with me!

Wednesday, January 07, 2004


I have just arrived home, finally. Have been up now for 24 hours and am dead, but waiting for fishsticks to cook so I can say I've eaten something in the last 12 hours. The fucking fuckwits at Alitalia lost my goddamned bags, so I am sans clean underwear and everything of the sort.

Overall, however, it feels rather good to be home and in my own space once more. Although, you know, it would be really nice if I had my shit.

Alitalia = Satan!!

Saturday, January 03, 2004

Yeee Haw!

Okay, so my neighbors are rednecks, but at the very least, they're not quite this bad.

P.S. I have a mental backlog of crap to post when I go home next Wednesday. I simply have no time here to post anything, which is a shame, cause I have all sorts of stuff I want to talk about!