Tuesday, November 11, 2003

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If anyone had any doubts as to what a loser and a dumbass I am, last Friday, I was pulled over yet again, due to my illegal car, and given another $300+ ticket. Fab. What kills me is that I was pulled over about three blocks from my house -- I was just pulling out of my street and there happened to be a cop right there, who apparently was out to bust me for something from the get-go.

So here I am, months after the first ticket, only now just able to finally pay the fucking thing off, and I get another one. My plan was to save up and pay off the ticket, then save up and pay to register/insure/inspect my car. So now I'm set back yet another $300 or so.

Of course I only have myself to blame, because I'm such an irresponsible dope, but you know. God damn it.

The ticket happened on a day where I was pretty much very happy and satisfied with life. Andrea and I had gotten together the night before, and she spent the night at my house -- shock of all shocks -- and because it was really good, I was feeling great. She left, Chris called me for a ride, I went to pick him up, and boom.


So then I got to thinking. I don't understand why every time something really good happens to me, something really bad also has to happen. Why can't I have good things happen, and be allowed to revel in the happiness afterward? It's rather frustrating.

My solution is that I'm not going to drive anymore, unless absolutely necessary -- and especially not in Vienna, where the cops are obviously so bored they're out looking to bust people for shit. I bought myself a bike for $70 at Wal-Mart, for transportation around Vienna, and am going to do the bus thang, to get to school.

Despite the fact that I think, at the heart of things, my bike is a piece of crap, at least it looks fairly cool. I went into Wal-Mart thinking I wanted a purple bike, and I got one. It's a nice-looking mountain bike with front shocks, purple and silver with light blue trim. I bought the chintziest lock because I didn't think I had enough money -- that, too, is purple. I'm so stylin', what can I say.

Then, my birthday is coming up, y'all. 6 days and counting, and even though I am kind of freaked out that I'll be 27, I'm happy about my birthday gifts. I had my PC diagnosed -- dead motherboard and dead RAM -- and thanks to my wonderful mom, I picked out the parts I wanted on eBay and they are on their way to me as we speak.

The upside of this is that I'm at least getting an upgrade in processor speed, from 975mHz to 1.4GHz, and probably an upgrade in all the various parts that come with the motherboard (CPU fan, etc.). I can't even begin to describe how utterly and totally happy I am that I'm finally going to get my good PC back -- all my music, good games, yadda yadda, back at my disposal. And timely, too, since I'm apparently going to be non-mobile for a while.

On top of the motherboard combo and RAM my mom bought for me, she sent me $100 in cash. I thought hard about what to spend it on, and I decided it was time for a new phone. I've been ogling a certain Vtech phone/answering machine for months, but could never justify blowing $40 on it, when my old phone and answering machine work just fine.

When I went to Wal-Mart, I couldn't find the phone I'd been eyeing, but instead, I noticed an even better, cooler phone for $54, and decided to get that, since it had all the features I wanted (2.4GHz, digital answering machine, caller ID), plus it has something called TeleZapper, which supposedly will cut down on those really, horridly annoying computer-dialed telemarketer calls.

After I bought that, I had $42 left over, and I wasn't sure what I would buy. I thought of buying my mom's Christmas present with it, but then it occurred to me that it might not be cool to buy someone a present with money they gave you as a present. So then the debate began, between new shoes and new bras.

I decided to get a couple of new bras, thinking that the $42 wouldn't quite cover it.. but Lane Bryant is having a sale on bras, where it's buy one, get one half off, so they were cheaper than I'd anticipated. I know it may seem silly to be excited about things like getting a new phone and getting new bras, but when you are po' like I am, it's the little things. I can't even remember the last time I had a new bra.. has to be like two years ago or something. Criminy.

So the main things I've been mulling over this past week have been Andrea and my new traffic ticket. Andrea is a long-time friend of Mikey, and I think she's really cool and fun to hang out with. And unlike some people, *cough*Angie*cough*, a person can hold a decent, interesting conversation with her. She's a goth chick, a bit taller than me, short, black hair, stunning blue eyes, very small frame and nice body. When I first met her, I thought she was hot, but Mikey told me she was straight, so I thought that was the end of that.

Well, it turns out she's not simply straight, but that she has some fairly strong bi tendencies. She also told me she thought I was hot, but I didn't think she meant she thought I was hot hot. It honestly was the first time I'd ever had a one-nighter with a woman, and it was probably the best unattached sex I've ever had. I knew she was leaving for New Mexico soon, to get away from Parkersburg (which I highly encourage of anyone who has grown up here) and go to school, so we both were aware there would have to be very limited attachment.

The weird thing is when I have sex with people outside of a relationship (and occasionally in the beginning of a relationship), I experience an odd feeling of detachment, like I'm not totally there, in the moment. I think this is why I'm so satisfied with the whole thing with Andrea; I felt very in the moment and the sex was good. I think it's a pity, though, that she never called me afterward -- I don't want to give the impression that I expected anything, although on Thurs. night, she expressed regret that she was leaving, now that she and I were getting down to it.

I think, though, that maybe she's freaked out by the whole thing. The night we were together, she expressed a desire to get together again before she left, and I told her when I'd be free over the weekend, but then never heard from her. Mikey hasn't talked to her, either, and agreed that he thought she was probably freaking out. But that's part of the reason I wanted to talk to her after she left -- to possibly assuage some of those feelings.

But ah well, I guess. Maybe she'll overcome it, maybe she'll want to talk.. or maybe not. Guess I'll just have to wait and see.

And lastly, I finally found and got a hold of Adriel, my first girlfriend/first love, after about 5 years of lost contact. I've really regretted how that whole thing ended up, because she's always been one of my favorite people, and I've missed knowing her. The good news is that she is just as excited as I am, to be in contact again, and we've been happily emailing and trying to catch up.

Happy joy!

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