Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Dead Deer, Freaks, and Thanksgiving

Kind of ironic that I was just writing up a post the other night about my freakish neighbors, because you will not believe what is hanging from the tree outside my kitchen window.

A dead deer.

Yes, a dead deer. Dozer, being the typical male West Virginian that he is, enjoys hunting. But at least never before had he actually brought back a deer carcass and hung it outside my window.

You have to understand that as a Wiccan, I am against killing things. I don't really believe in war, I don't believe in hunting, I don't believe in killing insects. I believe that every living thing, from plant to human being, is holy, and that it's wrong to kill unnecessarily.

Now, if you're lost in the woods and starving, by all means, kill a deer and feed yourself. But someone living in normal life, who isn't starving and simply hunts for the mere pleasure of killing? That is so beyond wrong to me.

And then, to bring home this poor deer and make me have to deal with seeing it and feeling bad that it lost its life.. it's gross and it makes me angry. Not to mention they decided to do all their hacking away and skinning and cleaning and all of that right outside my window.

When I saw them lift the deer from the truck, I just went, Oh no... poor thing and turned away quickly because I couldn't bear to see it. I honestly had half a mind to go out there and do a blessing for the deer, to thank it for living and for giving its life to feed the people who had killed it. However, I'm not sure the good Christians around here would understand much of that. Besides, they never left the deer alone, and since I heard them hacking away, it's probably too late.

So there's that, and the fact that I'm spending Thanksgiving alone this year. But on the bright side, I haven't seen the freakazoid since the day we first talked, and I'm hoping that she decided she didn't want to move in after all. And due to very strange turpentine-like fumes drifting from downstairs, I had a headache yesterday and was petrified that my gas heater was leaking.

I called my landlord to come over and check, just to be certain, and there was no leak. I've always had trouble with getting the heater to light; it's kind of old and you could stand there pressing the ignitor for 30 minutes before it actually caught the pilot.. and then the pilot wouldn't stay on when you turned the knob, so you'd have to do it all over again and try to turn it just the right way so the pilot would stay lit and the heater flame would catch.

Well, he couldn't get it lit either, after he'd turned it off and checked for a leak. So he kept it off and told me he'd come back today with a certain part he thought wasn't working. Well, I lucked out (maybe cause he really likes me) and got a brand-new heater!

It's way, way more modern-looking, and it is so beyond easy to light. It's apparently got an electric pilot or something, to where it only takes one push of the ignitor and *click*, it's lit. Freaking awesome, I say.

And lastly, I just booked tickets for my Christmas/New Years trip to Italy to visit my mom, sister, and everyone. And get this.. Usually I don't check the internet for plane fares because as long and as hard as I have searched, I have always gotten better fares through a travel agent. I mean, majorly better fares, by $300 or so, so mucking about online has always been a pain in the ass and a waste of time.

Well, the travel agent quoted me $1000 for this ticket, and I knew my mom was not going to be happy about that. So I logged onto Travelocity today and searched for some fares and -- you're not going to believe this -- I'm flying to Italy and back for $443.95. $443.95! Round-trip! Utter craziness, I tell you, but I know my mom will be quite pleased. So yeah, if anyone feels like taking a holiday trip to Italy for cheap, there you go.

Anyhow, off I go.. and happy T-day to you all. Eat some stuffing and turkey for me.. I'll be having shepherd's pie and magic brownies.


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