Wednesday, November 05, 2003


I don't know what's been up with me lately, but once I get in front of a computer, I lose all desire to blog. I know I've been slacking in this area, but I've had all sorts of other things to keep me occupied. Although I have all sorts of things to say when I'm away from a computer, I kind of blank out when it comes time to post.

Kate is gone to Denver, and that's kind of sad because I know I'm going to miss hanging out with her. Before she left, she gave me this book on basic figure drawing -- she and I had been discussing art, and I'd showed her my sketch books. Some of my sketches are missing things like hands, feet, and heads, since I've never been good at drawing them. So Kate thoughtfully gave me exactly what I'd been wanting for years, some instruction on figure drawing.

I've been sketching quite a bit, playing around with proportions and shapes and such, and I'm really pleased to see an immense improvement. I sketched a wood elf the other day, though I'm not pleased with her face, I really like the rest of her. Today I started a sketch of another elf from a picture in a Computer Games magazine, and even though I just have the basic face done, I can tell you already it's about a million times better than any face I've drawn in the past.

I'm in the home stretch of fixing my PC. I got it diagnosed -- dead motherboard and dead RAM -- and am in a bidding war on eBay to buy an awesome motherboard combo for dirt cheap. I hope. I pray that no one outbids my max. I'm also paying off the lapsed cable bill, so maybe eventually I'll be able to actually have cable at home again. I would do the dialup thing, but I don't think my PC has a modem in it.. and I haven't felt like dealing with that, on top of everything else.

As for school, I dropped my history class, but I am doing very well in math and psych. Actually, I'm pretty grateful that the semester is nearly over with.. that means that I am actually moving forward toward my goals. And of course, I absolutely cannot wait to move out of Parkersburg to Morgantown. I'd go in a heartbeat, now, if I could.

So I've been incredibly broke the past couple of months, and really freaking out about all my bills, my traffic ticket looming over my head, fixing my PC, yadda yadda. It's sort of felt like I'm drowning in it all, and I prayed for some sort of financial miracle to help me get my head back above water.

My dad/step-dad in CA signed me up for some pyramid scheme his buddy got into, in hopes that some free money might come my way. So far, I haven't seen a cent from the scheme, but even though I know it's not very likely, I still have a small glimmer of hope that I might get some freebie check in the mail to help me out.

But actually, what happened instead is that I got a couple of letters from Crapplebee's, informing me that there were two checks I never picked up and that I could claim them if I wanted them. The total amount of both checks was almost $93 -- not any amount to sneeze at, and applied to the $100 I have put away for my ticket, that puts me at 2/3 of the total amount. That, my friends, is a true miracle.

The thing is, I have no idea where these mystery checks came from. After I quit Crapplebee's, I picked up my last check on the following payday. I remember going in for some reason, some time after quitting, and being surprised that there was a check for me. So where did these other two checks come from?

Not that I'm going to complain or anything.. I just can't figure out how I came to have the checks. But folks, sometimes when you ask for a small miracle, it happens.

Halloween was absolutely and totally super. Mikey threw on some random, clashing clothes -- his checked polyester golf pants, gay-ass red librarian glasses, and funky bucket hat were the highlights -- and went as a gay hobo.. I threw on my plaid skirt, pink-topped tube socks, chunky brown shoes, and a grey tank underneath one of my work shirts, put my hair into pigtails, and went as a schoolgirl. The only problem was there were about five other schoolgirls there besides me, and they either were hotter or had better costumes, so Mikey and I decided I'd be Mary Catherine Gallagher, instead.

I had a feeling that I'd be running into Mel, Angie's girlfriend, and at first that made me a bit anxious. But after she had bumped into me, literally, three or four times, without saying a word or even acknowledging me, I started to get amused, instead. I mean, if her idea of intimidation is following me around the bar and bumping into me, well, sheeeit. That's child's play.

Mikey'd told Andrea about Angie playing me like that, and when I sat down with her and told her about Mel following me around and bumping into me, she told me she was going to take care of it. This made me a bit nervous because I really hate that kind of conflict, where you don't know whether it's going to come down to blows or not. And I've always been more of a pacifist than anything else; the only time I've ever full-out fought anyone was after they (yes, they, as in two girls) jumped me and I had to defend myself.

So Andrea had me point out Mel to her, and went over to talk to her. She told Mel, "We have to talk. What is up with your girlfriend, all over my girlfriend, playing her like that?"

Mel was probably surprised to be confronted, much less finding herself with Andrea all worked up and in her face. Andrea has a pretty powerful energy to her, and Mel immediately started kissing her ass and apologizing. Then, Andrea said Mel really, really wanted to apologize to me, so the next thing I know, Andrea is leading Mel outside onto the patio. I was still really uneasy about a possible confrontation, but Andrea sat down next to me and announced that Mel wanted to apologize.

So Mel said she was sorry, and I was so surprised at the complete twist in events that I asked, "Why?"

I don't think Mel even knew what she was apologizing for, but she apologized anyway, and then the details of Angie's little drama came out. My feeling that I, and our kissing, was simply something juicy to pass on to Mel and piss her off was confirmed. And apparently I'm not the first, nor the only, girl Angie has screwed around with to get Mel worked up. Angie had made Mel out to be this horrible, possessive person, but I see what a liar Angie is, how fucked up, because it seems to me that Mel, even though she has stupidly been hanging on to this thing with Angie for three fucking years, is the more normal and honest of the two.

See, Angie'd told Mel I was giving her dinner and champagne (!), romancing her, and all this utter bullshit. For one, yeah, I did make dinner -- shepherd's pie, so romantic -- but not only did I feed Angie, I fed Chris and Katie when they stopped over. And champagne?? Whatever!

And I just knew the kissing was going to be twisted.. Angie, I swear to the God, the Goddess, on the Bible, cross my heart, whatever.. SHE kissed me first. Anyone who knows me knows that I'm generally a big chicken when it comes to girls, and I rarely ever make the first move. I also wasn't feeling really great about the whole thing; I'd had a very bad feeling about Angie since she began coming onto me, so I didn't want to encourage anything, when I wasn't sure how I felt.

To make a long story short, Mel started crying out on the patio with us. She's this macho-ass little dyke, and frankly I was a bit thrown off by the tears. We all watched in morbid fascination, sort of like watching a slow train wreck, not knowing how to react or what to say. But then Mel said that was it, she was done with Angie, and that when Angie arrived, she was going to break up with her.

Even though Angie wasn't supposed to be arriving for another half hour or so, all of a sudden, she was there.. and I was going, "Oh my god.. it's like the showdown at the O.K. Corral here." All of us on the patio knew what was coming, and Angie just walked right into it. Mel started ripping into her, asking her questions, all the while I'm sitting there somewhat paralyzed, completely disbelieving this was going down.

When Mel turned to me and asked me who kissed who first, I looked her straight in the eye and told her the truth, "I'm sorry, but no matter what she says, she kissed me first."

Everyone then turned to look at Angie, who said, "Well.. that's how I remember it..."


So yeah, they broke up.. the two of them in their separate corners, crying. However, the very next night, Mel was beyond drunk, and somehow they got back together. They were seen sucking face in the booth near the bar.

Certain things just make you shake your head because they couldn't be any stupider. But like I was telling Andrea, she and I were just part of that ongoing three-year cycle of drama, fucked up shit, and breakups; now they're back together, and the cycle is complete.

For now, anyway. Heh.

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