Thursday, October 30, 2003


The ladybugs are back with a vengeance. The weather suddenly warmed up into the 70's, and I swear there must be around a hundred ladybugs inside my apartment at the moment. I've sort of given up; I don't know what else to do except sweep them up when they die.

I came down with a cold last week, which started off with a strep-like sore throat. I've been dosing myself with cold medicine which makes me feel almost normal for a while, but have been unable to shake the sore throat. I woke up last night with my throat so sore and dry that not even Chloroseptic lozenges helped.

I know no one likes being sick, but I really hate it. I also really hate sore throats, but every time I get sick, it always starts in my throat. I've had strep throat two or three times since I was 12.

Chloroseptic lozenges are the shit.

I've been embroiled in a little drama lately. Angie started showing an interest in me a couple weeks ago, and then came onto me at the bar. The problem is, she has a girlfriend; this macho-ass little dyke (who apparently thinks she's Eminem). Angie and I set a date, and she told me she was going to be "taking care of" the girlfriend situation.

Well, instead of taking care of it, she friggin' told the girlfriend she was coming over to hang out with me. WTF? This was about the point that I started to realize I might be getting played here.

The girlfriend, of course, is all pissed off and now is looking for me because she wants to have a "talk" with me. Fantastic. The thing is, after hanging out with Angie, I've realized that other than physical chemistry, there is no chemistry there. I don't really want to go out on another date with her, and I don't feel like dealing with this drama Angie sort of roped me into.

At the end of the night, Angie kissed me. My impression, after all the events of the evening, is that that was all she wanted out of the entire night with me; a juicy little tidbit to pass on to her girlfriend and get her jealous and pissed off. I'm a little irritated that I got sucked into this. I mean, this isn't what I bargained for.. what I was expecting was to hang out with Angie and get to know her a bit better, outside the bar.

Hopefully, though, a new gay bar will be opening up in a week, and Mikey and I won't have to go back to T.C. anymore. That place is a pit, and if I had a nickel for every mullet, I'd be a rich woman.

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