Monday, October 13, 2003

The Great Ladybug Massacre of '03

I am still having some real issues with ladybugs. I like ladybugs, don't get me wrong, but it kills me to see them come inside my apartment in mass numbers, because even though I keep trying to save them, I'm failing miserably. I scoop up at least ten a day to put back outside, but the next day, twenty or thirty more make their way inside.

I basically get to watch hapless ladybugs twitch and die on my windowsills, and no matter what I do, there's always more. And when you view the entire scene, the 'battleground' of dead and dying ladybugs, you'll understand what I mean... it really does make me think of a massacre.

I'm very much at a loss for what to do, other than closing all of my windows entirely. However, that's sort of out of the question, since my apartment would be way too hot inside to deal with. Besides, I have checked and rechecked all of my window screens, and I still cannot figure out HOW they are getting inside. I even fixed one of them; I pulled it off the window and put it back on with the correct side out, and all of the edges fit beautifully.

It makes me sad to see innocent ladybugs dying in mass quantities, even though I'm trying my hardest to save them and prevent even more tragedy.

On an entirely different note, I have to say how excited I am about school. Not so much the WVU at Parkersburg stuff, because, well, I'm still living in Parkersburg, but my future schooling, degree, and career. I've done a lot of research about my major at WVU. I'll be attending this college, which has almost 18,000 acres of forest for teaching and field work. It kind of cracks me up that if you want to be an interior designer, you'd be going to my college -- after all, I can't imagine more different majors; Agriculture/Forestry and Interior Design?!

Anyhow, because I want to be a park ranger and there are absolutely no Forestry advisors at my school, my counselor (who also happens to be Kit's aunt) and I assumed that I would be majoring in Recreation, Parks & Tourism Resources. However, I looked over the coursework and was a little surprised at how absolutely boring it looks, and also not very near a) what I want to learn, or b) what I want to do when I have my degree.

I was a little dismayed by this, that I'd have to take a whole bunch of completely uninteresting classes on tourism and crap, rather than learning dendrology, silviculture, or any of the science classes.. though, for sure, I would be finished a lot sooner, I think, and the classes would be relatively easy (if not boring). So I wrote to the Forestry division at WVU to ask them what I should major in there when I transfer. I listed what I want to do as a park ranger, and mentioned that I was less interested in tourism than science and ecology.

Well, I had three separate emails from various people in my future department -- one each from the Dean and the Director of the Forestry program, plus another from someone I take to be an advisor, who said she'd send me the information I need. What they all agreed on is that my major should not be Recreation, Parks & Tourism Resources, but instead should do Forest Resources Management, which they said would prepare me very well for work in parks.

All I know is that the coursework looks ever so much more interesting, though of course with the extra science and math, it will be a lot more difficult. But, you know, I don't mind that so much.. I'd much rather love and be interested in what I'm studying, and then doing as a career, than taking the quick route out. But I think this means I'll likely have to get up to calculus, and THAT is going to suck major monkey ass, let me tell you. And civil engineering? Wheeeeee.

Some other bright news I have to report is that my saintly, wonderful, awesome mother is going to pay for my computer to be fixed for my birthday. Yay! This means all I have to do is get that cable bill crap paid off and hopefully I'll be golden. My mom rocks.

I <3 Mom.