Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Amityville Horror, Part Deux

I posted a while back, in July I think, about waking up to an Amityville Horror-sized infestation of flies in my apartment. Well, I got up today to find a repeat of the infestation, only this time, instead of flies -- thank whatever gods may be -- I found an assload of ladybugs.

Yes, ladybugs. I've gone beyond the point of trying to figure out how all these bugs constantly find their way inside my house, now I just have sort of come to accept it. All I know is that there were about eight billion ladybugs outside, both flying around and crawling on the building. I suspect they found their way inside through the gaps around the edge of one of my window screens. In any case, I had at least 20 ladybugs inside my apartment when I got up.

Again, I have to thank the gods for letting it be ladybugs, instead of something like flies or spiders. I mean, I don't mind touching or picking up ladybugs, though of course the creepy-crawly factor is still there. You know, just the mere idea that there are bugs around somewhere inside, you suddenly feel all sorts of random and false itches.

My apartment is right across from a pretty big plot of woods, so I've become resigned to the fact that my apartment building is going to have more than its fair share of insects and small woodland animals (like our bunny and squirrel, and the occasional raccoon). I simply wish there was a better way to keep them out of my freaking house. I tried to fix the gaps in the perimeter of the window screen, but it didn't work.. I'm going to have to put up some masking tape or something over them instead, I guess.

We had our first Delta Psi Omega meeting last night, and there was a total of six of us -- much better than the worst-case scenario I'd been preparing myself for. I figured if I had at least 3 people other than myself, it would be a decent enough start.. but less than that would have been pretty sad, since it's difficult to do improv with a handful of people.

I was nominated and elected President pretty handily. And since Delta (and Alpha) Psi Omega are theater fraternities, they have some cute names for everything. The members of the society are called 'the cast', the President is 'the director' and the Vice President is 'the sub-director'.

I think the biggest surprise of the evening was that Mike, the wiseass heckler from the first class I spoke to, showed up to the meeting. Other than that, I've got someone who's done theater before, Stacy, who is pretty damn good and funny when onstage.. and another guy named Jason who has some definite potential, which I think will shine once he gets more comfortable. The other girl, Nicole, is way too reserved and self-conscious at this point, but maybe we can pull her out of her shell.

We also had a reporter from the school paper sit in on the meeting. He took notes and pictures, so I figure there will be a story in the next paper. Overall, the meeting went pretty well, and I'm quite pleased. I figure once we get started, we'll get more people as time goes on. Plus, we may have our first gig -- one off the Sociology teachers is having a big bonfire on Oct. 28th, and he wants some theater/speech students to come and tell Appalachian ghost stories. That sounds like a lot of fun, though Nancy wants us to do it as improv or something, and I'm not too sure about that.

I keep going to the place to sell plasma; I've been three times now, and every time I go, they can't take me for one reason or another. Once, it was too late (literally by one minute or so), another there was no nurse because she was sick, the last time was because 'the doctor is here' (whatever that means). It's starting to piss me off, because I am in desperate, desperate need of money, and it's about the only thing I can think of, short of selling crack or my body, to make some quick cash.

Last night, I kept thinking about the ENFP stuff I read yesterday.. since it seems like only somewhere between 3%-5% of the population are ENFPs, I suppose that would explain why no one understands me, and why I've never really been able to fit in anywhere. 95%-97% of the population operates differently.

I'm just so special. :D

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