Thursday, October 30, 2003


The ladybugs are back with a vengeance. The weather suddenly warmed up into the 70's, and I swear there must be around a hundred ladybugs inside my apartment at the moment. I've sort of given up; I don't know what else to do except sweep them up when they die.

I came down with a cold last week, which started off with a strep-like sore throat. I've been dosing myself with cold medicine which makes me feel almost normal for a while, but have been unable to shake the sore throat. I woke up last night with my throat so sore and dry that not even Chloroseptic lozenges helped.

I know no one likes being sick, but I really hate it. I also really hate sore throats, but every time I get sick, it always starts in my throat. I've had strep throat two or three times since I was 12.

Chloroseptic lozenges are the shit.

I've been embroiled in a little drama lately. Angie started showing an interest in me a couple weeks ago, and then came onto me at the bar. The problem is, she has a girlfriend; this macho-ass little dyke (who apparently thinks she's Eminem). Angie and I set a date, and she told me she was going to be "taking care of" the girlfriend situation.

Well, instead of taking care of it, she friggin' told the girlfriend she was coming over to hang out with me. WTF? This was about the point that I started to realize I might be getting played here.

The girlfriend, of course, is all pissed off and now is looking for me because she wants to have a "talk" with me. Fantastic. The thing is, after hanging out with Angie, I've realized that other than physical chemistry, there is no chemistry there. I don't really want to go out on another date with her, and I don't feel like dealing with this drama Angie sort of roped me into.

At the end of the night, Angie kissed me. My impression, after all the events of the evening, is that that was all she wanted out of the entire night with me; a juicy little tidbit to pass on to her girlfriend and get her jealous and pissed off. I'm a little irritated that I got sucked into this. I mean, this isn't what I bargained for.. what I was expecting was to hang out with Angie and get to know her a bit better, outside the bar.

Hopefully, though, a new gay bar will be opening up in a week, and Mikey and I won't have to go back to T.C. anymore. That place is a pit, and if I had a nickel for every mullet, I'd be a rich woman.


Out of the night that covers me,
Black as the Pit from pole to pole,
I thank whatever gods may be
For my unconquerable soul.

In the fell clutch of circumstance
I have not winced nor cried aloud,
Under the bludgeonings of chance
My head is bloody, but unbowed.

Beyond this place of wrath and tears
Looms but the horror of the shade,
And yet the menace of the years
Finds, and shall find me, unafraid.

It matters not how strait the gate,
How charged with punishments the scroll,
I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.

-- William Ernest Henley

Thursday, October 16, 2003


I haven't much to talk about today.. I am going to drop my history class, as it's been ill-fated from the beginning, and I'm too afraid to take a test in it. Actually, there was a test today, but I just didn't go. I actually don't have to take history, but I'll likely wind up taking something similar to it, maybe Women's Studies or something, in the future.. satisfying my clusterly requirements.

I went to donate plasma and finally, the fourth time I tried, I started to get processed. Well, I say started because in addition to all the questions like "Any time since 1977, have you had sex with a man who has had sex with another man?" or "Have you ever been to [random African country]?", they now ask if you've spent any time in France prior to 1996.

Well, yeah, I have. I spent my senior year in France as an exchange student, in 1993-1994. Apparently a person can't even travel these days without fear of picking up some bizarre disease, like Mad Cow. I pointed out that if I had Mad Cow Disease, wouldn't it be obvious by now? The lady said that it usually doesn't appear until a person's in their 60's, that they think it's transmitted in blood and plasma, and therefore I am not able to donate. Actually, indefinitely deferred, because they apparently have very little idea about Mad Cow Disease, how to test for and treat it.. but once they figure it out, if it turns out that it can't be transmitted through plasma, I'm good to go.

But Jesus! I need that money so badly... I can't donate plasma because I spent a year in France? Nine years ago?? My god.

While cleaning up my apartment, I discovered an old, battered notebook. Inside, I have all sorts of writing -- poems, biographical stories -- mixed up with old math homework and women's history notes. Some of the creative writing is fairly depressing, but it does give me a totally different perspective, as far as how I felt just four years ago. It's quite different from how I feel today.

I thought I would make you all groan and squirm by posting some of my writing. Ha ha haaaaa..


I feel your hands
Wrapped warm around my heart
The thrilling sensation
Of my heart brimming
And spilling over
Too full of Love
For one person alone

How you live inside my head
As calming
As a midnight sea
Pulling my thoughts toward you
As surely
As the moon guides the tides

Your presence is as sweet
As an afternoon spent
In the cool shade
Beneath a tree
Its leaves whispering sighs
That echo what is unspoken
Within me.

Wednesday, October 15, 2003

What a Way to Go...

(Even if I have no friends and only 37 people come to my funeral)

What will your Funeral be like? by rashock
You will die by:You die in sweet bliss while having sex with your lover or partner. Seems they were so good your heart couldn't stand it and stopped. Talk about a heart breaker, but at least everyone sees you in your casket with a smile on your face.
Death Date:February 26, 2039
Number attending your funeral?37
How much will you leave to friends and family?$3,278,950
Created with quill18's MemeGen!

Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Baby Got Back

I stumbled across this on, and it has to be one of the funniest things I've ever read.

First, the song "Baby Got Back" translated into Latin (with English translation).

Then, "Baby Got Back" translated into Greek (with English translation).


I don't know why, but I was thinking about cooking and stuff. I'm a good cook, and I enjoy it, the problem is that I've never liked cooking for myself; it seems kind of pointless to cook a big meal for just me.. I'd much rather cook for someone else and feed them. I dunno, I get pleasure out of making other people happy.

I think the reason I was thinking about this is that for the past 3 or 4 months or so, I've pretty much been living on pizza. I'd order about two pizzas a week and just reheat a slice whenever I got hungry. It's quick and easy, and well, Papa John's is some damn good pizza. But you know, I was wondering if and when I'd get sick of eating pizza, and I think I'm finally at that point. The other night, I had no food in the house, and the thought of getting another pizza kind of turned my stomach.

So I started thinking about my options, one of which was to cook something for myself and then eat off the leftovers for a few days. One of the easiest things I can make is shepherd's pie, which I must say rocks, and it's easy to reheat and just as good. I started thinking about how everyone loves my shepherd's pie (Kit was telling me she'd been sort of craving it because it was just so damn good), and then I also remembered how I can make the most awesome breakfast burritos you've ever had.

Therefore, I'm going to post my recipes, so everyone can make them. They're really, really good.

My World-Famous Shepherd's Pie and Breakfast Burritos

Breakfast Burritos


Burrito-sized tortillas
6-8 eggs
One red onion, medium-to-large
8 oz or so of mushrooms
Package of sausage (you'll use half to 3/4 of a tube)
Cheese (cheddar or whatever you like)
5 or so potatoes, depending on size and personal preference
Milk or water
Salt and pepper

- Clean and slice potatoes into relatively bite-sized chunks. I leave the peel on because it's nutritious. :)
- Chop/dice onion into manageable pieces.
- Clean and slice mushrooms.
- Begin boiling potatoes, boil until desired consistency/edibility, then drain and set aside.
- Crack eggs into a bowl, adding in a bit of milk or water and enough salt and pepper to taste. Beat/scramble eggs and then add as much grated cheese as you want.
- Place onion in a pan with butter on med-high heat -- high enough to soften them, but you don't want them to brown
- After a few minutes, put mushrooms in with onions to sautee and soften.
- Before onions are completely soft, add sausage (you want tubed or patty sausage, otherwise you'll have to squeeze the meat out of the casings [insert dirty joke here]).
- Brown the sausage in the pan with the onions and mushrooms. When sausage is fully cooked and brown, add egg/cheese mixture and potatoes to the sausage/onion/mushroom pan. If you cook it in mass quantities like I do**, you'll probably want to do the mixing of everything in a large-ish pot.
- Cook all ingredients in pot/pan together, stirring until the eggs are fully cooked.
- Heat up some tortillas (a nifty trick is to place tortillas between damp paper towels while heating, to keep them moist).
- Scoop a plentiful amount of the egg mixture onto warm tortilla, wrap, and eat.

** I usually make a large amount because I've found that leftover burrito mixture tastes just as good reheated as the first time you make it. If you make enough, you can feed yourself for a couple of days. Also differently flavored sausage (such as sage or maple) can give you different flavors. I really liked the sage sausage in my breakfast burrito mixture.

Shepherd's Pie


About a pound of ground beef
One red onion, medium to large
Two 5-inch sprigs of fresh rosemary
4-5 red potatoes
Frozen peas
Frozen corn
Salt and pepper
Sour cream (optional)

- Set oven for 375 degrees.
- Slice and boil potatoes for mashing.
- Chop or dice onions
- Rinse rosemary sprigs to get rid of any dirt, then pat dry with a paper towel. Pluck all rosemary leaves off the sprigs, leaving the stems and branches aside. Then chop up the rosemary leaves until fine.
- Put rosemary and onion in a pan with butter. Use medium-high heat, as you want the rosemary and onion to just soften, not brown.
- When the onion is soft, add the ground beef and brown. In this case, you don't have to worry about leaving a bit of pink, as you'll be cooking everything more in the oven.
- Add salt and pepper to taste, and when the meat is brown, drain some or most of the fat out, but leave some to retain moistness of the beef.
- Put beef/onion/rosemary mixture in a casserole dish or baking pan, then add frozen corn and peas (don't thaw beforehand). Mix this together in the casserole until you have as much of the veggies as you want, then set aside.
- Drain and mash potatoes, adding butter, milk, salt, and pepper to taste. Basically, make the potatoes as you would normally. My suggestion is to add a bit of sour cream to the potatoes; this makes them infinitely more creamy and delicious than just butter and milk.
- Scoop mashed potatoes on top of beef mixture in the casserole, then smooth them out evenly. You want a layer of beef on the bottom, and a layer of potatoes on the top.
- Place casserole on middle rack of oven, uncovered, for about 30 minutes.
- When the shepherd's pie is done, the potatoes should be somewhat brown, and the beef should be sizzling/bubbling nicely.
- Scoop out and serve.

If you try either of these recipes, let me know how you like the end result!

Monday, October 13, 2003

The Great Ladybug Massacre of '03

I am still having some real issues with ladybugs. I like ladybugs, don't get me wrong, but it kills me to see them come inside my apartment in mass numbers, because even though I keep trying to save them, I'm failing miserably. I scoop up at least ten a day to put back outside, but the next day, twenty or thirty more make their way inside.

I basically get to watch hapless ladybugs twitch and die on my windowsills, and no matter what I do, there's always more. And when you view the entire scene, the 'battleground' of dead and dying ladybugs, you'll understand what I mean... it really does make me think of a massacre.

I'm very much at a loss for what to do, other than closing all of my windows entirely. However, that's sort of out of the question, since my apartment would be way too hot inside to deal with. Besides, I have checked and rechecked all of my window screens, and I still cannot figure out HOW they are getting inside. I even fixed one of them; I pulled it off the window and put it back on with the correct side out, and all of the edges fit beautifully.

It makes me sad to see innocent ladybugs dying in mass quantities, even though I'm trying my hardest to save them and prevent even more tragedy.

On an entirely different note, I have to say how excited I am about school. Not so much the WVU at Parkersburg stuff, because, well, I'm still living in Parkersburg, but my future schooling, degree, and career. I've done a lot of research about my major at WVU. I'll be attending this college, which has almost 18,000 acres of forest for teaching and field work. It kind of cracks me up that if you want to be an interior designer, you'd be going to my college -- after all, I can't imagine more different majors; Agriculture/Forestry and Interior Design?!

Anyhow, because I want to be a park ranger and there are absolutely no Forestry advisors at my school, my counselor (who also happens to be Kit's aunt) and I assumed that I would be majoring in Recreation, Parks & Tourism Resources. However, I looked over the coursework and was a little surprised at how absolutely boring it looks, and also not very near a) what I want to learn, or b) what I want to do when I have my degree.

I was a little dismayed by this, that I'd have to take a whole bunch of completely uninteresting classes on tourism and crap, rather than learning dendrology, silviculture, or any of the science classes.. though, for sure, I would be finished a lot sooner, I think, and the classes would be relatively easy (if not boring). So I wrote to the Forestry division at WVU to ask them what I should major in there when I transfer. I listed what I want to do as a park ranger, and mentioned that I was less interested in tourism than science and ecology.

Well, I had three separate emails from various people in my future department -- one each from the Dean and the Director of the Forestry program, plus another from someone I take to be an advisor, who said she'd send me the information I need. What they all agreed on is that my major should not be Recreation, Parks & Tourism Resources, but instead should do Forest Resources Management, which they said would prepare me very well for work in parks.

All I know is that the coursework looks ever so much more interesting, though of course with the extra science and math, it will be a lot more difficult. But, you know, I don't mind that so much.. I'd much rather love and be interested in what I'm studying, and then doing as a career, than taking the quick route out. But I think this means I'll likely have to get up to calculus, and THAT is going to suck major monkey ass, let me tell you. And civil engineering? Wheeeeee.

Some other bright news I have to report is that my saintly, wonderful, awesome mother is going to pay for my computer to be fixed for my birthday. Yay! This means all I have to do is get that cable bill crap paid off and hopefully I'll be golden. My mom rocks.

I <3 Mom.


Thursday, October 09, 2003

Um... Er... Uh...

Anyhow, I don't know if this is real or not, but it's incredibly interesting. Spiders on drugs? Would NASA actually fund such a study?

Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Amityville Horror, Part Deux

I posted a while back, in July I think, about waking up to an Amityville Horror-sized infestation of flies in my apartment. Well, I got up today to find a repeat of the infestation, only this time, instead of flies -- thank whatever gods may be -- I found an assload of ladybugs.

Yes, ladybugs. I've gone beyond the point of trying to figure out how all these bugs constantly find their way inside my house, now I just have sort of come to accept it. All I know is that there were about eight billion ladybugs outside, both flying around and crawling on the building. I suspect they found their way inside through the gaps around the edge of one of my window screens. In any case, I had at least 20 ladybugs inside my apartment when I got up.

Again, I have to thank the gods for letting it be ladybugs, instead of something like flies or spiders. I mean, I don't mind touching or picking up ladybugs, though of course the creepy-crawly factor is still there. You know, just the mere idea that there are bugs around somewhere inside, you suddenly feel all sorts of random and false itches.

My apartment is right across from a pretty big plot of woods, so I've become resigned to the fact that my apartment building is going to have more than its fair share of insects and small woodland animals (like our bunny and squirrel, and the occasional raccoon). I simply wish there was a better way to keep them out of my freaking house. I tried to fix the gaps in the perimeter of the window screen, but it didn't work.. I'm going to have to put up some masking tape or something over them instead, I guess.

We had our first Delta Psi Omega meeting last night, and there was a total of six of us -- much better than the worst-case scenario I'd been preparing myself for. I figured if I had at least 3 people other than myself, it would be a decent enough start.. but less than that would have been pretty sad, since it's difficult to do improv with a handful of people.

I was nominated and elected President pretty handily. And since Delta (and Alpha) Psi Omega are theater fraternities, they have some cute names for everything. The members of the society are called 'the cast', the President is 'the director' and the Vice President is 'the sub-director'.

I think the biggest surprise of the evening was that Mike, the wiseass heckler from the first class I spoke to, showed up to the meeting. Other than that, I've got someone who's done theater before, Stacy, who is pretty damn good and funny when onstage.. and another guy named Jason who has some definite potential, which I think will shine once he gets more comfortable. The other girl, Nicole, is way too reserved and self-conscious at this point, but maybe we can pull her out of her shell.

We also had a reporter from the school paper sit in on the meeting. He took notes and pictures, so I figure there will be a story in the next paper. Overall, the meeting went pretty well, and I'm quite pleased. I figure once we get started, we'll get more people as time goes on. Plus, we may have our first gig -- one off the Sociology teachers is having a big bonfire on Oct. 28th, and he wants some theater/speech students to come and tell Appalachian ghost stories. That sounds like a lot of fun, though Nancy wants us to do it as improv or something, and I'm not too sure about that.

I keep going to the place to sell plasma; I've been three times now, and every time I go, they can't take me for one reason or another. Once, it was too late (literally by one minute or so), another there was no nurse because she was sick, the last time was because 'the doctor is here' (whatever that means). It's starting to piss me off, because I am in desperate, desperate need of money, and it's about the only thing I can think of, short of selling crack or my body, to make some quick cash.

Last night, I kept thinking about the ENFP stuff I read yesterday.. since it seems like only somewhere between 3%-5% of the population are ENFPs, I suppose that would explain why no one understands me, and why I've never really been able to fit in anywhere. 95%-97% of the population operates differently.

I'm just so special. :D

Tuesday, October 07, 2003

ENFP... Again

ENFP - "Journalist". Uncanny sense of the motivations of others. Life is an exciting drama. 5% of the total population.
Take Free Myers-Briggs Personality Test

Portrait of the Champion (eNFp)

The Champion Idealists are abstract in thought and speech, cooperative in accomplishing their aims, and informative and extraverted when relating with others. For Champions, nothing occurs which does not have some deep ethical significance, and this, coupled with their uncanny sense of the motivations of others, gives them a talent for seeing life as an exciting drama, pregnant with possibilities for both good and evil. This type is found in only about 3 percent of the general population, but they have great influence because of their extraordinary impact on others. Champions are inclined to go everywhere and look into everything that has to do with the advance of good and the retreat of evil in the world. They can't bear to miss out on what is going on around them; they must experience, first hand, all the significant social events that affect our lives. And then they are eager to relate the stories they've uncovered, hoping to disclose the "truth" of people and issues, and to advocate causes. This strong drive to unveil current events can make them tireless in conversing with others, like fountains that bubble and splash, spilling over their own words to get it all out.

Champions consider intense emotional experiences as being vital to a full life, although they can never quite shake the feeling that a part of themselves is split off, uninvolved in the experience. Thus, while they strive for emotional congruency, they often see themselves in some danger of losing touch with their real feelings, which eNFps possess in a wide range and variety. In the same vein, eNFps strive toward a kind of spontaneous personal authenticity, and this intention always to "be themselves" is usually communicated nonverbally to others, who find it quite attractive. All too often, however, eNFps fall short in their efforts to be authentic, and they tend to heap coals of fire on themselves, berating themselves for the slightest self-conscious role-playing.

ENFPs = "The Advocates"

Monday, October 06, 2003

Queer Eye for the Gay Girl

Well, I didn't get any 'before' pictures, because my makeover happened pretty spontaneously last Friday, after work. My roots were coming in bad from my punk-rock-red dye job, and I told Mikey that if he didn't dye my hair soon, I was going to do it myself.

So we decided to just do the makeover that day.. got all the stuff, got my eyebrows waxed on the spur of the moment, then went back to his apartment to work on my hair. He called his friend, Aaron, to come over and help. Aaron is practically an expert in the whole coloring/highlighting thing.

I had two gay boys working on me for something like 5 hours. You just imagine how different I must look, after all of that! I'm going to try to get some pictures, because you really ought to see how hot I look now. Muahahaaaaa.

My hair is 'intense golden brown' as a base, and then I have all sorts of varying blonde highlights. Add into that my marvelously girly eyebrows, and I'm something of a hot number, I gotta tell ya. In fact, one of the older women at work made the comment, "I'm kind of scared.. I mean, she just keeps getting girlier and girlier!" Somebody else agreed. Ha.

And then I made my debut at True Colors, the gay bar. Kit knew the makeover was coming, only she didn't know when. I'd called her on Friday afternoon, just after having my eyebrows waxed (and yes, it does make that much of a difference) to tell her that Mike and I had a surprise for her, and we wanted her to go out with us on Saturday night.

One of Kit's best friends was in from out of town, and Kit never called me back to say yes or no, so I wasn't expecting to see her. However, I walked into the bar, and I heard, "Alena!" -- looked, and there were Kit and Kay. I walked up to them and got thoroughly gushed over, particularly by Kay, who hasn't seen me in over a year. I imagine I do look quite different than the last time I saw her; my hair was still short enough to spike, and I was about 15 pounds heavier.

Kit and Kay went to sit down at a table, leaving me and Aaron standing at the bar waiting to get drinks. I was chatting with him, then accidentally bumped into the person standing next to me at the bar. As a reflex, I turned and apologized with a smile, and realized I'd bumped into a semi-scary pierced bull-dykey kind of woman. She did a small double take once she, too, saw who'd bumped into her, and then told me it was okay.

So as a test, I kind of smiled at her and turned back to the bar. Aaron picked just then to abandon me at the bar to go off searching for someone. The woman kind of nudged me to get my attention and said, "That's what you come here for, right?"

She was moderately drunk and I honestly had no idea what she was talking about, so I asked, "What?"

She replied, "You know, you come here to look at and get bumped into by gorgeous women," and then gave me a look.

My first response, mentally at least, was Ohmygod, did she just call me gorgeous? I think she did! Gorgeous! Oh my god! But then, you know, I came back to reality and realized she was hitting on me. Ha!

You see, hardly anyone ever, ever hits on me, so when it happens it's quite a novelty. And since I can't remember anyone ever calling me gorgeous, it was quite an ego stroke.

I ended up getting a drink finally and kind of mosied (moseyed?) away. I told everyone what had just happened, since I was still in a bit of shock, and Mikey high-fived me for the 'gorgeous' comment.

I also ran into Paul, Angie's friend, who was lurking in the shadows away from the crowd. I was peeking into the pool room, when all of a sudden I heard someone exclaim my name. It took me a moment to figure out where it was coming from, and from who, and then my eyes adjusted to the darkness and I saw Paul.

I said before that he's a really good guy, and he is. He remembered my name, for one, and he did seem genuinely happy to run into me again. I dragged him out of the dark to our table, and we chatted for a little bit. He and I exchanged email addresses since Angie'd given me the wrong one, and then he told me that Angie had gotten back with that ex of hers she'd been so depressed about the week before. Lesbian drama, I swan!

Anyhow, I really like Paul and he's such a total sweetheart. The rest of the night went well... Kay (who is straight and married, and occasionally can be very cutely naive) went to give a dollar to this awesome drag queen who does Tina Turner, and then apparently Tina grabbed Kay and pulled her onstage, where they danced. Kay kept saying, "We danced butt-to-butt!"

Once the bad drag shows (save the Tina acts) were over, we got to dance for a little bit before they closed the bar. I had run into some gay boy, whose name I'm not sure I even got, who was dancing by himself, so I danced with him for a bit. Then I saw this girl that someone had introduced me to months ago (and she blew me off, by the by) dancing by herself, so I took her arm and pulled her over to us, and the three of us danced. In fact, this girl had her butt in my crotch and was just having a good old time. I wasn't really sure of the etiquette of such things, like whether I should be polite and not grind against her ass, or to just return the favor. I still don't know, but as usual, I leaned toward the polite, reserved side of things.

Anyway, I had fun. And I'm really enjoying the new, girlier me. Even if deep inside I'm still half-girl-half-boy, I suppose it doesn't hurt to look hot.

I need to get some pictures!

Thursday, October 02, 2003

Random News

I've had all sorts of random crap rolling around in my head lately, so I think I'll post it.

Every once in a while, I get a bug up my ass about something. It must be the OCD in me (or rather, just my obsessive personality venting somewhat), but whatever it is, I have to take care of it immediately or it will bug me until I do. This includes things like a rust stain on the wall that needs cleaning, or all the dead bugs on my floor that scream for vacuuming, or my most recent one, needing gas but not having money to pay for it.

You see, I don't know what happened, but though I thankfully had enough money for rent, that left me some paltry amount. Not enough, really, to do laundry, get groceries, party, any of that. I had like $30 to tide me over for 4 days, and then early on this week, I nearly ran out of gas.

The plus on that is that I finally discovered that the gas light in my car does work. I haven't felt like dealing with running out of gas in some random location, as I would occasionally do when I was younger and stupider. I've had my car for like three years now, and haven't ever let it get to the point where I could test the gas light, because if it didn't work, well, I really didn't want to deal with it.

Well, my gas was low when I left for school, and then when I was heading home out of the parking lot, it seemed like I had plenty to get back into town. My eyes were glued to my gas gauge; I realized I'd somewhat overestimated the amount of gas I had, and that I should have stopped at the gas station by the school, instead of deciding to take a chance on the highway and such.

I kept my eye on it, and it was pretty damn low. And then right when I got into town (thankfully right next to a gas station), the little yellow gas light came on. I had like $15 left, so I put in $5. But because I was so low on gas already, I didn't even get a full quarter of a tank. So then I started wondering what I was going to do.. since I had several more days of school left, I knew that amount of gas wouldn't hold me over until my next work shift.

Then I landed on the idea of taking $10 out of my change jar and buying some gas with it. I'm actually kind of amused at this.. I mean, when was the last time you paid for anything with an assload of loose change? So I decided that to lessen the amount of irritation toward me for doing so, I'd go in later on in the evening, when 7-11 is less busy.

I've had this change jar for years, and it's never been so full. Usually I've lived in an area that has a Coinstar, so I've only let the jar get about half full before I decide to cash it in. As far as I know, there are no Coinstar machines here, so my jar was pretty damn full. Half-full is about $30, so I figure I've got at least $50 in there. Maybe more so because I'm better about tossing quarters in there.

So I poured out some of the change.. decided I didn't want to use up all my quarters, so I counted out $5 in quarters, $3.50 in dimes, and $1.50 in nickels. Pennies are too much of a pain in the ass, so I didn't bother. I mean, after all, I really didn't want the 7-11 clerk to shoot me out of annoyance. Instead, I took all the leftover pennies and put them in my pouch for work. See? Good thinking.

So yeah, I paid for gas with $10 in loose change. However, I go to that 7-11 all the time, so they know me, and the guy at the counter is this young punker-type kid that I knew would probably think it was more amusing than anything else.

In any case, I solved the money issue, got enough gas to hold me over for a while, and found a constructive use for my change.

I also recently watched two movies that kicked ass. The first one was Drop Dead Gorgeous with Denise Richards, Kirsten Dunst, Kirstie Alley, and Ellen Barkin. The only reason I picked up this movie was because of Kirsten Dunst (since I figured the Kirstie Alley factor meant the movie had to suck), but man, I was totally surprised by how funny it was. First of all, it's kind of a mockumentary about beauty pageants.. a lot of the comedy and such is stereotypical, so if you're not into that, you might not like it. However, I've lived in Minnesota, where the film takes place, and it's actually somewhat true, only everything is blown a thousand times out of proportion, so that just about everything in the movie is twisted, outrageous, and very, very funny.

The second one, I just watched last night, The Mothman Prophecies. Now, I don't know how many people saw this movie when it was out, but it's based on something that happened in Point Pleasant, WV.. not terribly far from where I live now. So of course that part was fairly intriguing. I decided to hook my VCR up to my stereo, then turned out all the lights -- definitely worth doing. My little TV has crappy speakers, but with my stereo on, I could hear all the little ambient sounds and stuff. And I swear, I was sitting there praying to whatever god might be that no one would call me during the movie. If my phone had rung while I was watching it, I don't know what I would have done. Well, I know I'd probably have freaked out, fo' sho'. But you should definitely see this movie, it's sooo good. And I recommend watching it in the dark, hooked up to a stereo or something equivalent, for the full effect.

Mikey has decided that I am a makeover project waiting to happen, and he is just so excited about it. I don't have any photos of myself at hand presently, but if you know me, you also probably know about my eyebrows. I have, uh, thick eyebrows. And no, they're not the most feminine thing on the planet, but they're what I was given and since I'm a rather low-maintenance kind of girl, I've never bothered to do anything about it.

Well, Kit has been on about my eyebrows forever... she was even willing to let me use part of a gift certificate she received for some holiday to get my eyebrows waxed. So when we were at True Colors, Mikey got all excited and said he wanted to make me over, telling me he only had a few improvements in mind. I looked at him and said, "Let me guess... one of them is to wax my eyebrows?"

He just dissolved into laughter. He was clapping his hands and going, "Ohmygod, ohmygod, ohmygod" while dancing around. He's a kook. And what the hell does anyone care about my bloody eyebrows, anyhow? Good grief.

So yeah, apparently I'm going to get this makeover, which involves waxing my eyebrows, coloring and highlighting my hair (light brown with caramel highlights or something?), and then getting it cut into some dubious style that Mikey thinks will look fab on me. The style, I'm not sure about, since my hair is so fucking intractable. The rest, yeah, I'm willing to do it.

Mikey has guaranteed me that once he makes me over, I'll have a date within 6 weeks. That I'm not sure about, and I told him so, but he wanted to bet me $25, and I passed on that. Anyhow, if the makeover happens, I'll be sure to get some before-and-after photos to post up here.

I guess that's all the spew for now.