Monday, September 29, 2003

The Week of Ridiculousness

If the past week had a title, it would certainly be The Week of Ridiculousness. On Thursday, I discovered that I have only been to half my history classes. You know how I said a few weeks ago that it felt like there was another class that no one was telling me about? Well, duh. There was.

On my class schedule, it lists the days for the history class as TR. In the colleges I've attended in California, TR is the abbreviation for Thursday. So if you have Tuesday/Thursday classes, it would be listed as TTR. I didn't even think about it because that's what I'm used to.

Last class, we started off again on some point I know he hadn't gone over the last time I was there.. and since I couldn't shake the feeling that something wasn't right, I finally just sucked it up and asked another student. She was pretty shocked that I'd only been going half the time; so shocked that she told the teacher, but he apparently was quite amused by the whole thing, as he threw his head back and laughed heartily. I'm so glad my stupidity is so well-received and amusing.

So this student took pity on me and we went to the library to make copies of her Tuesday notes. I have to rewrite them and such, but I do realize now that I was very lucky to have been late to the test that one day, because if I'd had to take it, I probably would have scored really badly, considering I have missed half of the course.

So yeah, I can't get over how retarded I am. Someone once said to me that they couldn't believe someone as smart as I am could be so dumb sometimes. Truthfully, I don't know either.

I've been quite social with Mikey and Kit lately.. we've been going out every weekend. Last Saturday, I felt like dancing, so I hopped up and danced with Mike a fair bit. Everything was going well until he decided to dip me -- I told him no, but he did it anyway, and the bastard dropped me. Actually, it was pretty funny because I was expecting just that, so I landed on my ass well, and just burst out laughing. Even more amusing was I heard some people around us go, "Oh my god.." and "Oh no.."

Heh.. thanks, Mike, for dropping me on my ass in front of a packed bar. But at least I think I shrugged it off pretty gracefully. ;)

That night, I rescued a wounded lesbian from the bathroom. Her name is Angie and she's just absolutely adorable. Actually, she reminds me of Mandy, one of my best friends from high school. She's very sweet and has the best smile ever.. so I thought I should do something to cheer her up and get her out of the bathroom. See, she'd just broken up with her girlfriend, who was macking on some girls at the bar, so Angie was feeling a bit depressed and jealous to see the ex carrying on like that right in front of her.

I don't blame her, but I did tell her that chicks suck and really aren't worth it. I tried to get her to dance with me, but Angie is really shy and she told me she doesn't dance. So I ended up buying her a drink and hanging out chatting with her and her friend Paul, who is just such a cool guy. I got right away that Paul is a good person and even though he has sort of a rough-looking punk exterior, I knew immediately that he's a big softie inside, and that he really cares for Angie. So we all had a pretty decent conversation, and then exchanged numbers and email addresses.

She says she goes to True Colors every Saturday, so I'll likely see her again sometime. I have no idea what will come out of it, if anything, but it doesn't matter. I certainly will not turn down a friendship with a good person, and I don't think you can ever have too many friends.

Nancy, the Humanities director, made up some great fliers for me, for Delta Psi Omega, and I spent today going through the halls, tacking them up in places that got missed last week. I'm not sure who put them up last week, they hit some bulletin boards, but not others.. like they put up several in the secondary entrance, and none in the main entrance. It makes no sense, so I went around and put them everywhere. I still have absolutely no idea whether there will be any sort of a response, but as Kit said, all I can do is wait and see, and then try and figure out what I'm going to do from that point.

Lastly, I'm getting really sick of not having internet (and my regular PC) at home, so I'm really going to start selling plasma -- I know I've been talking about it for ages, but now I have a way to cash the checks, thanks to Kit. I'll probably start tomorrow after history class, since I have several hours to kill before psych class.

I still have to pay a $308 fine for my car.. so I'm going to have to sell my plasma to get that paid off.. there just is no other way I'll ever have that much money at one time. I just don't make enough money to save it up and pay all my bills. In fact, right now I rather feel like I'm drowning in bills, and I want that to stop.

So, yeah.. hell.. if I could get someone to buy some of my eggs, I'd be freakin' set!

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