Thursday, September 18, 2003


It's a shame. Someone as smart as me, deep down a slacker. I was supposed to have the finale of all my tests today, the Western Civ test. Western Civ is the only morning class I have, and I have been very good about not going out on Wednesday nights, so that I get somewhat of a good night's sleep (or at least am not so tired I ignore the alarm).

By the way, I'm still about half asleep.

Well... I ended up hanging out with Rob yesterday. He brought over this armchair that he's been saying he's going to give me. The chair is awesome.. it couldn't be any more 70's, with its tan/brown/orange stripes and yellow background. Plus it's really comfortable, and I'm happy to have a good, comfortable chair to watch movies in.

Then after he dropped off the chair, I went out to OG to eat with him, his wife, and daughter. The meal was actually really good, even though I tend to be a bit disappointed in our entrees these days. I'd been craving the chicken marsala, and it totally didn't disappoint.

Then, when we were at OG, we ran into Chris. When it was determined that Chris was going over to Rob's later and bringing.. you guessed it, Kate.. I was sold. I'd been dying to ask her about the blips on the gaydar I'd been getting around her, and I figured that the more time we spent together, the more comfortable she'd feel being honest. And the less offended that I'd be ballsy enough to ask something like that.

So, yeah, I read the gaydar right. Only she refuses to label it anything, so won't say she's bi or anything like that. And while we had a bit of an odd conversation regarding labels and stuff, I came out pleased, with the knowledge that I did read her right. She all but said she was interested in me, and that's what I wanted to know if I was imagining it.

Anyway, I didn't get to bed until like 5am.. knowing I had my Western Civ test the next day (and that I hadn't studied for, I might add) at 11am. Well, I made a gallant try, anyway. I woke up about 35 minutes after I should have gotten up, threw on clothes, decided to forgo the coffee altogether to save time, rushed out the door, and booked ass to school.

All told I think I was only 7 minutes late, but the class was already doing their tests. I walked in and even though the teacher is normally a really nice guy, I could tell he was not pleased. He looked up at the clock and asked me if I had a death wish. I told him no, that I was very sorry.. that I'd overslept, that I'm not a morning person.. trying to keep it light and show him I didn't mean to be late.

The only other of his classes I was late to was the first one. And I think I had a fairly decent reason for that; besides, it was the first day of class, my first morning class, I had no idea how jammed the parking lot would be, where my classroom was, etc. Smart people might get there early to take those things into account, but yeah, well. I'm not a morning person.

Anyhow, I said in an earlier post that I missed 5 minutes of class, and yet somehow managed to miss half the lecture. I wasn't kidding.. I managed to miss all this important stuff, apparently. In some ways, I feel like I'm not attending all the classes (like there are some extra ones no one is telling me about). One of the things I missed, or didn't remember, is that for every minute you're late on a test day, he deducts 3 points. Of course, the only teacher I have to think up such an ingenious thing, he teaches mornings, and I'm late to the fucking test.

So then, after asking me if I have a death wish, he then said I probably should do the test as makeup (on final day), since three times however many minutes I was late would be bad. Aaargh. I got fairly embarrassed in front of the class, and felt kind of like an ass, just walking out instead of doing the test.

And the bad thing is that this first test is worth way less than the other tests; he's a smart guy and he gives his students a taste of what the tests will be like, so they know how to study. So the semi-freebie test, what I was counting on to help me study in the future... yeah, I get that one at the end of the semester. Fat lot of good that'll do for me.

I'm just a bit irritated at myself. I know I can do much better than this, but I'm too lazy to expend the effort all the time. Feh.

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