Wednesday, September 24, 2003

I Wanna Be a Cowboy, Baybee

All right.. let's see. Well, my slacker shame from last week is partly erased, as I'm proud to report that I got 100% on the two tests I did take last week, in math and psych. I can't remember the last time I got 100% on a math test, so I'm quite proud of myself, even though it is bonehead math. And I'm pleased with myself in the big difference in scores in psych, I had a low B on the last test and was irritated with myself because I knew I could have gotten a much better score if I'd just put in a bit more effort.

So, happiness about that. Plus, I might have gone insane, but can I say that math is kind of fun? I never enjoyed it before because it never made any sense, so it was frustrating. But now that I know how to do all these things, I actually kind of enjoy doing the problems, mostly because I know how to do them, and I get to test myself to see how well. So because I've been actually kind of enjoying math, I have fun doing my homework. I sat and did three different sections the other night, just because I wanted to play with the numbers and stuff. I never do homework at home because of all the distractions (like I have to read my psych chapters at the library), but I didn't have much problem, even doing all three sections at once.

My article came out in the school paper, and it's huge. It must take up 3/4 of the page it's on, and it cracks me up because I don't think the article is terribly long, but it sure does catch the eye when you get to that page. The editors left almost all of my content untouched, other than adding a colon in one place, and that sort of thing. What cheesed me is that they changed my title completely. The title I'd chosen was Improv Isn't Taken Seriously. It's kind of a joke, get it? I thought it was pretty clever, but ah well.

The question is how many people actually read the school paper. I honestly don't know. I haven't gotten any sort of email response from anyone interested in Delta Psi Omega, but maybe they're just waiting to go to the first meeting.

I also spoke to the theater classes this week. I was scheduled to speak this morning at 8am, and next Tuesday after my psych class. I came to school a bit early to talk to Nancy (the Humanities director) about what I planned for her classes, and she asked me if I was ready.

She'd gotten the classes mixed up, forgot that I wasn't scheduled to speak to the Tuesday class until next week, but I was ready and a bit eager to get it over with, rather than waiting till today, and then having to wait until next week. So we decided that I'd come in to that class once psych was over, and I was kind of glad I'd get a bit of a warmup for today.

I only had 45 minutes yesterday, and it simply was not enough time to get everyone warmed up enough. They were incredibly stiff and reluctant, and didn't seem like they enjoyed it as much as I'd hoped. I was realistic in expecting the stiffness and reluctance, but I'd had hopes that I could get them loosened up enough. On top of that, the one thing I didn't anticipate was having a heckler.

And I did have a heckler. His name was Mike, and he spent the entirety of my 45 minutes making smartass remarks and trying to remain cooler than everyone else because he refused to fully participate. It's too bad that's the one thing I didn't account for, having a smartass in the group. If I'd been prepared for it, I would have immediately had a handle on it and put him back in his place. After all, I am a smartass, and I can deal with other smartasses quite well.

But since I hadn't anticipated it, Mike continually threw me off-guard. And at the end of the class, I felt very drained and let down. I'd expended a ton of energy, extra energy to try to get everyone else's energy up, and had little to show for it. So I was really dreading this morning's class. Last night as I was trying to fall asleep (at like 4am, I might add), I kept thinking, I don't want to go tomorrow.. I don't want to do it again..

However, this morning's class was wonderful, though of course I knew that by going to bed at 4am (after a small soiree at my apartment), I would be late to the class. And of course I was late; I overslept by half an hour or so, and ended up booking ass to school. I was about 15 minutes late, but it ended up being okay because Nancy had had things to discuss with them in the classroom before moving to the theater.

Today's group was bigger and younger, in general, than yesterday's class, and at least half of them were more than willing, even excited, to volunteer to get on stage. Most of them were fairly comfortable once up there, so everything flowed so much better. They were way less stiff, moved much more comfortably, and even were able to include humor and such in their scenes. The scenes yesterday were fairly painful to watch.

I saw some definite prospects in this class, and encouraged them all to come to the meeting on the 7th, even just to check it out. Some people seemed interested, so maybe they'll actually come? I'm still worried there will be no interest whatsoever and I'll end up with a club of like three people. I'm not sure what the plan is, if that happens. But Nancy said she'd make up some posters, which should definitely help get the word out.

I've decided that I have no chance with Kate and that the whole thing is ridiculous, anyway (did I mention she's only 18?), so I'm giving up on that. I like hanging out with her, though, and we always have really good conversations. She's one of a few people I can talk about deeper subjects with, and plus she's a chick; I have way, way too many (young) guy friends here and I sometimes get really tired of the stupid shit they talk about. Occasionally, I need a girl to talk to.

I think it's time for a nap...

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