Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Dude! Sweeeeeeet!

So, um, yeah. You will never guess what happened.. Jan called me yesterday. I had my mind on like four other things and I skipped the library so I could go get my hair cut.. and it was the one day when I wasn't hoping there'd be a message when I walked through the door. The one day I wasn't thinking about it, she called. Heh.. damn universe.

So yeah, we talked for a couple of hours, and there are a few elements that caused a semi-miscommunication. She did apparently send me a postcard like she said she would, only it never made its way to me. So we've each been silent for a month, she was thinking I was mad about something she'd written in the postcard, I was mad because I didn't know she'd sent it.

And then her package got there way later than it should have.. so that's why she hadn't called about that, why she didn't acknowledge it when I'd expected. She did get it and she loves it, so that makes me quite happy.

Things are still a little weird, but at least I feel relieved that it was just a miscommunication, and not some weird turn of events that I had to piece together with clues that didn't make any sense.

On a school note, I got my psych test back and my score was 84%. I am not happy with myself. I know it's a B, but it's a low B! And I'm way smarter than that.. this is not a difficult class, I should be getting A's on my tests. To make matters worse, I accidentally skipped a question, so instead of just getting three wrong, I got four wrong. I suppose I'd skipped the question, intending to go back to it.. but somehow, even after double-checking my answer sheet, I completely missed it. Dumb, dumb, dumb.

My friend Rob acquired a turtle from Josh. Apparently Josh was just driving down the road and happened to spot the turtle, so he stopped and got it. Josh is really, really evil to animals, so when he gets a new one, he always gives it to his pit bull, Shady. The fortunate thing is that Shady is the biggest chicken dog I've ever met (possibly due to all the abuse she suffers at Josh's hands), so not much ever tends to happen when the pit bull meets a random animal.

I guess Josh got bored with the turtle, since even the most vicious dog would have trouble messing with a turtle. He gave it to Rob for his daughter, Hannah. Well, I was over there the other night, and got to play with it some. Rob's cat (also rescued from Josh, and extremely traumatized in general) seems to love the turtle, even if she can't figure out what the hell it is. Smoky (the cat) just hangs out with the turtle.. I told Rob he got his cat a new companion.

Sometime during the evening, Rob got the bright idea to paint the turtle's shell. Now before anyone starts yelling at me for animal abuse, I believe turtles' shells are made of collagen, like our fingernails. So a bit of acrylic paint shouldn't be harmful. It's just sort of like putting a coat of plastic on the shell.. not a big deal.

We tossed around various ideas as to what to paint, finally settling on flames, like on a car. But then we discovered that Rob didn't have much of a paint selection, and no colors that could make orange, so we scrapped the idea of flames. We then decided to paint the turtle red with white racing stripes.

Once we got the first coat of red on, I commented to Rob that the turtle looked like a ladybug. He and I looked at each other and then burst out laughing. We then decided we'd turn the turtle into a big-ass ladybug.

We put a few coats of red on, until the shell was a bright, glossy red. Then we drew a line down the middle of the shell with black permanent marker, to mark the separation of the 'wings'. And then we painted on black spots, strategically placed on top of the turtle's shell bumps.

I must get pictures. I must find a way to post them here. Because it's one of the most hilarious things I've ever seen. He's a big-ass ladybug!

Turtle disgrace. Sissyfied!

I think that's about it for now, kids. Improv junk is coming up fast and I feel completely unprepared. I'm stumped on my article. Gargh.

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