Monday, August 11, 2003

I'm Not Fighting Insanity, I'm Loving Every Minute of It!

Well.. I got over what I was feeling when I last posted, for the most part. Sometimes I find it rather easy to push stuff out of my head, and this has fortunately been one of those times. I'm still a little angry about certain things, but for the most part, I'm beyond it, but still in Whatever mode and that's just fine with me. Hey, if it works, you know?

I have to say this no internet/TV thing is kind of working out for me. I mean, I'm bored as hell when I'm at home, and you'd be amazed what passes for entertainment when I find myself alone. I had to hook up my old Mac when my PC died, and since I've been bored, I've been poking around the hard drive. It's been a good while since I last used that Mac, and I was happily surprised to re-find a program called MacThuga (or something like that).

I'd totally forgotten I had this program, but it is one of the coolest things ever. It's a program with varying palettes and stuff that responds to sound (i.e. music), so you can sit and play a CD and watch the neat-o designs on the screen. Yeah, I know.. probably doesn't sound very interesting.. but as I said, you'd be amazed what passes for entertainment these days, and it actually is really cool. I think you kind of have to see it for yourself to understand.

I also have been going through my meager movie library and watching movies I haven't seen in years. I saw Fried Green Tomatoes last week. I absolutely love that movie, and since it's been so long since I last watched it, I had totally forgotten just how awesome it is. I tried to watch Pump Up the Volume but the tape has got to be 12 or more years old, and I haven't watched it in at least half that long. Apparently the tape is broken, and it got stuck in my VCR. So I got out the screwdriver and cracked open the VCR to try to get out the tape and salvage both tape and player.

At first I was just laughing and shaking my head, thinking, Yeah, well, of course the VCR would break. One of my few sources of entertainment. I mean, everything else has broken or been shut off, so I just figured this, too, would be added to the pile of electronic casualties in my life.

However, I did discover that the tape itself was screwed up, extracted it from the VCR.. popped the cover back on, and voila, working VCR. I feel so studly when I do stuff like that. It's not like I have any knowledge of the inner workings of a VCR.. or that I'd ever even seen the inside of one before.. but you know, I always feel like a big stud when I crack open some piece of equipment and "fix" it.

So I've been going through these two videotapes that I had no idea what was on them. The first tape was kind of boring; it had shows from 1999 on them (X-Files, Seinfeld, Working, Just Shoot Me, etc.), and every time a show would start and I would go, Oooooooh, this looks good, the show would cut off just as I was getting into it, and then be replaced by some other show. But the second tape is more promising. Someone, probably my mom, taped a Discovery Channel documentary on wooly mammoths and the hunt for their remains in Siberia. Pretty interesting, and that kept me busy until about 5am this morning.

School is pretty much a done deal. I went down to WVUP today, and went into the business office to ask about my mom paying for my tuition, from Italy, with a credit card. She's paid for other things this way in the past, but usually people give me a really hard time about it, and often they won't allow for things to paid that way. It was in my mind as a big problem that I didn't know how to solve, but the lady said it was no problem if my mom wanted to call and give her information to them. Right on.

I also went and looked at what books I need for my classes. Rose may have a book or two I can use, and that will definitely help me a lot. Thanks, Rose!

I peeked at my psychology book, and it looks very interesting. Could be a difficult class, it all depends on how the teacher does things. Western Civ is going to be confusing and hard, I think; there's no textbook, and Rose said that you have to sit up front with a tape recorder and not miss a day of class, in order to get a good grade. The books for that class are paperbacks, one of which is Animal Farm. It's a good book, but good grief, I read that years and years ago. I figured it was fairly standard reading for high school and colleges.

And boner math is boner math. That itself shouldn't be too much of a challenge.

So all in all, things are looking up in general. I had a financially fantastic week last week at work, and other than being harassed and verbally attacked by another employee all Friday night, things at work haven't been awful.

Happy joy.. but I'm afraid that there may be some other shoe somewhere that could drop at any time.

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