Wednesday, August 06, 2003


Yeah, so they finally caught up with me and shut my cable off. No TV, no internet... I don't know what I'll do for entertainment, but as my mom said to me yesterday on the phone, maybe it's a good thing, because now I have nothing to keep me in the house, so maybe I'll actually get off my ass and do stuff. And can I say thank heavens for the library and free internet access?

So the stuff I've done.. I went to school and got all registered for next semester -- classes start really soon! I'm so excited. I was so worried about not having financial aid by the time tuition is due, but I got all lectured up yesterday by my mom, and she told me to get my ass down to the school and she'll front me the money for everything, until the financial aid check came.

Nothing like crying to your mom about what a mess your life is, while she yells at you about all the things you already know you're doing wrong.

The classes I'm taking are Arithmetic (yes, basically I'm in remedial math), Intro to Psychology, and Western Civilization from The Reformation. Psych should be fun, I love that kind of stuff. The history could be really dry, just depends on the teacher.. maybe they'll make it fun. And Arithmetic.. yay, I get to learn to add and subtract again!

But boy oh boy, I'm one step closer to leaving this horrendous state! Go me!

P.S. You'll probably note that most of my image links are broken.. this is due to the fact that I had my images stored on my Charter webspace. The pics will be back whenever I'm able to pay my huge cable bill. I'm this close to selling my plasma.

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