Wednesday, August 20, 2003

Brief Update

I suspect I'm about to get kicked off this computer for a computer class that the library is apparently holding. Who knew.

Ummmmm... let's see. School has started. Psychology looks to be both interesting and enjoyable. And guess what! Today in math, I learned how to add and subtract. That's going to be very useful at work, let me tell you.

I haven't had Western Civ yet, that comes tomorrow, but Kit said the teacher is awesome and that she almost majored in history because of him. There's no textbook, just some paperback novels. She said his lectures are full of great stories and such, and that sounds right up my alley. I can't wait.

Last Saturday I went out to True Colors with one of the gay boys at work. Saturday nights are stripper/drag queen night, and you know, maybe I'm not really as gay as the rest of the gay population, but West Virginian drag queens suck. And I guess it's somewhat fun to ogle mostly-naked men and their chiseled bodies, but seriously, as a lesbian, I can't say that really does much for me. Not that I'm into female strippers, mind you. If I wanted to watch chubby men in dresses and spangles lip-synching to bad 80's music, I could... well, I could go down to True Colors on Saturday night. I miss the big city drag queen shows. Now those are really something to watch.

In any case, I met a whole bunch of people while out with Mike. We met this guy named Marty who is a dancer from New York, who was here visiting in order to teach a ballet class. His class had just finished and had their recital, so he was out to party before having to leave the next day. I realized later that Mike didn't even know Marty (I'd thought they were friends, the way Marty came over and kind of glommed onto me).

Marty was hilarious. I spent a great portion of time doubled over with laughter.. he just said the most outrageous stuff. But not just outrageous stuff, stuff that actually meshed pretty well with my sense of humor. Mike said Marty's sense of humor is dry, and maybe that's why he and I got each other so well. By the end of the night, he and I were going to get married and have kids -- he even brought me a brochure entitled "How To Raise Kids Who Don't Smoke"; so that he and I could raise our kids without my filthy habit.

I was sorry to see Marty go, I want a friend like that around here!

And this girl named Nicki that I went on a blind date with last winter, and neither of us called each other afterward, is wandering around the library. This town is too damn small! I'm hiding my face behind a plant and hoping she doesn't see me.

Anyhoo, my chickens, I must go. More to come, as I'm able to report.

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