Tuesday, August 26, 2003


Don't ask me, cause I just don't know. I actually haven't much to report, but since it's been a while since I last posted, I figured I would insert some random gibbergabber here just to let you all know I haven't fallen off the face of the earth.

School is school, and you know how it is when the semester is just beginning. You haven't had enough time to get into the meat of the subject. So yeah, I'm just going along, doing my homework, and stuff. I am proud to say that I've already learned lots of things, even new ways at approaching math that will definitely make things easier. I have to say, though.. we're into division now, and there was one problem that I couldn't do.

For one, I kind of suck at division. If they present the problem as numbers with the correct signs, usually I'm fine. I especially hate word problems because technical math terms like divisor and quotient and such tend to confuse me. I admit that I don't always know what number I'm supposed to divide into and stuff, because the math terms confuse me. "Divide 45 into 5" -- errrkay.. so which number goes on the outside of the line thinger? I'm not retarded, really, I just don't process math very well.

Plus they always give you extraneous information that isn't relevant to the problem, just to confuse you more. And damn it, I'm exceedingly easy to distract anyway, so that kind of crap just makes a difficult subject even harder for me. So yeah, there's some confusing-ass division word problem at the end of the section that I couldn't do. I did the problem like four different ways and couldn't come up with the number at the end of the book. Whatever.

I swear, too, I make THE DUMBEST mistakes in math. I'll not be fully concentrating and find myself adding figures in a multiplication problem, instead of, you know, multiplying them. I only catch it when I go to check my work and my answer is wrong. I suppose I really should check all my work afterwards, but I hate that, too, so I've always been the sort of person who just goes, Yay, I did the problem! Eh, if it's wrong, it's wrong.. But I'm done! Moving along...

Anyway, that's about it for now. Exciting, eh??

And no one commented on my "Wash Me" tirade? What's up with that? That was a masterpiece of a post!

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