Sunday, July 06, 2003


Man, I am sooooo tired. I couldn't fall asleep last night (and somehow didn't think to take the Tylenol PM), so I was up and about until about 6:30am or so. I think I got about 4 hours of sleep. Maybe. I'm surprised I haven't passed out yet.

I am so glad this work week is over. It's been just icky and bad, pretty much, other than the 4th of July. I personally have not felt my usual self; I've just been kind of grouchy and bitter for no real reason. I've pretty much figured out the cause is PMS, so I'm sure I'll be fine. I had some really shitty customers this week, too. I had a near-repeat of my party of 9 with this ass at one of my tables today, who, even though there were only three people at the table, for whatever reason decided he was going to sit at the head of the table, with his chair totally in the aisle.

When the hosts cap the tables like that, to make a 4-person table accomodate 5, it irritates me. The head of the table is mine as a server. It's my zone, and having something blocking that (including high chairs) is annoying and awkward. And the fact that this guy, for no reason I could determine, decided he would sit out in the middle of the aisle.. that did not start me off on a good foot with them. I tried to ask him why he was sitting like that, in a joking manner, but he got snippy with me and asked if there was a problem with it.

I don't know if I really do have more of an attitude than I used to, or if it's just that I've been really unlucky lately with customers either disliking me or being incredibly rude for no reason. I don't feel like I'm acting any different, but who knows. Maybe I have been more bitter at work lately, without realizing it. I really hate most of our customers. I just am so beyond over the stupidity, cheapness, and rudeness!

I'd get another job, but alternatives around here are not great. So I'll stick out OG until... I hope not until I finish school, but eh. Maybe. Gah, that sucks.

Now that I've vented, everything else is fine. I'm waiting for a suitable amount of time to pass before I go back to the college, in order for my transcripts to arrive so I can see which classes will transfer over, and I can work on my schedule and financial aid. Trying to get caught up on bills. Trying to relax and stop thinking so damn much. Trying not to kill customers at work! :P

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