Thursday, July 31, 2003

Thank God...

...this month is almost over with. Only 5 more hours to go and this craptastic month from hell will be done and over with. Yes, I am actually counting down the hours. I have never been so ecstatic to see a month disappear.

It seems like the iron fist of the universe is slowly releasing its stranglehold. Small, good things are starting to happen again. It all started with the firefly and the CD. Then I got a short reprieve on the fine for my traffic ticket. Tips have been better (finally!). And my mom, who just surprises me sometimes with just how fucking awesome she is, sent me $50 to buy myself something nice.

She and her best friend started up a new business, and apparently they're doing very, very well. I guess she's doing well enough to send me off a bit of money. Very nice of her. :)

I am so tempted to spend the $50 on my bills, but I feel like that's not a gift. I mean, she told me to buy something nice for myself, and I'm not going to get much enjoyment out of just using it on bills. And if I sent someone money and wanted them to treat themselves because I know they never can afford to, it would disappoint me if they didn't get much enjoyment out of it.

So I still haven't totally decided, but I know right off that what I need is a new pair of shoes. I've been wearing the same pair for 3+ years, and it's really just time to retire them and get new ones. I could use some bras, too, but I can buy them later, on my own. What I really want is a new pair of shoes. So that makes me happy, my mom's little surprise for me.

Other crap has not been resolved, but I at least have less things on my plate now.

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