Monday, July 14, 2003

Random Linkage

I'm sorting through an unwieldy mass of bookmarks. I have no idea how many bookmarks I have, but it's gotten out of control. I keep saving links to post here, and then they get lost in an overwhelming list that I never feel like dealing with. And like my MP3s, my bookmarks are fairly meticulously organized. It's the Virgo in me, what can I say.

I found a cool site called Albino Blacksheep, which has all sorts of random video clips anda host of all sorts of other stuff. I just watched Conspiracy Theory Rock: Media-Opoly by Robert Smigel (the animator for SNL). The video was banned from TV (particularly NBC) for obvious reasons. RealPlayer Required.

Slap Her... She's French is also strangely fun. I cackled when I got my first SUPERSLAP!!!. (and just for Jen, Spank the Monkey)

Next up is, which is very work- and kid-safe to view (in fact, your kids may get a kick out of watching it); it simply is what it says -- a very enthusiastic and brave young man getting down in some random places. He carries a boom box with him. Very much worth watching (I guarantee you will laugh).

Peter works at a zoo, and is friends with a diverse number of zoo animals. He's taken a bunch of pictures and put them up on website for folks to look at. When Peter isn't getting mauled by vultures, or devoured by an ibis, he has a really cool job.

Normally, I really hate toilet humor and I don't find it amusing in the least. Well, this video is the exception. I had to watch it at least five times, I was laughing so hard. I especially love the end.

I don't know about you, but a great deal of valuable class time during my youth was spent constructively on the game M.A.S.H. Forget Miss Cleo.. why waste time on that, when M.A.S.H. has been long-known to be the most accurate tool for the divination of the future? Since we played every day, and got different answers each time, I'm still awaiting my Porsche and Lamborghini.. along with about 100 various people I was supposed to marry. Now you, too, can play M.A.S.H. online.

My favorite kittens song, which seems to have mysteriously disappeared from

Lastly, in the "Random Flash" category, we have Five More Minutes. Make of it what you will.

This... I can't remember where I found this photograph online, but this will likely be my next art purchase. I love this photo. I'm tempted to freak out my house guests by displaying it in my living room.

by Tanya Chalkin

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Rainbow Aries said...

Can anybody tell me, who is the women with the shoort hair?