Wednesday, July 16, 2003

My Computer is Possessed By Satan

It is. Rilly.

Polaroid finally wrote me back. They sent me a zipped bundle of stuff that is supposedly the firmware for my CD burner. Why they don't include the firmware with the burner, I have no idea. I also received some vague, convoluted instructions on downloading files and creating a DOS boot disk, and I flailed around with that until I realized that XP comes with an option to create a DOS boot disk. Did the Polaroid tech guy even read my email? Or should I be concerned that the tech guy isn't aware of this option within XP?

Anyway, I flailed around some more and managed to boot up in DOS, managed to get the firmware utility running.. and then when I go to select W to write the firmware update, the damn bloody fucking thing hangs. I even let it sit for 45 minutes, in hopes that it was just taking a reeeeeeeeeeeeeeally long time. But no.

I have no faith anymore that anything can make this sheep-shagging CD burner work. I don't even think a firmware update will work. I'm not sure exchanging it for another one will work. No faith, I say. You see how Polaroid has ripped my dreams from me??

In an enterprising moment, I also wrote to the folks at Nero (my burning software). It was going to be a contest to see who would reply first, but Polaroid responded sooner than I expected. In any case, I wrote them back regarding my firmware issues [insert Viagra joke here], so we'll see what happens from here.

The flies finally died. I now have a cleaning conundrum, because I have about 30 flies dead on the inside of my windowsill, and I'd like to avoid reaching in and manually removing them. The problem lies in the fact that I don't own a vacuum or dustbusting sort of appliance. I got sick of looking at all the dead bugs on the floor and swept my carpet tonight (yes, I am living in the 18th century). I found some suspicious-looking insect casings behind my kitchen garbage can, so I assume that that is my evidence of fly babies (I refuse to say the M-word). I still have absolutely no clue why they were hatched there, it's not like I keep rotting animal carcasses behind my trash can.

It's just way too disgusting to deal with, and I'm glad that affair is mostly finished with. I may have to ask around and see if any of my friends has a dustbuster dealie I can borrow. I was thinking tonight that I seriously need a vacuum cleaner. I mean, I feel like such an idiot when I sweep my carpet, plus I know I'd feel much better about things if I could vacuum; at least then, it would seem somewhat more sanitary when I finished.

I was also fairly productive and did my laundry today, getting in a good hour or so of journal time. The only time I write in my journal these days is when I have to work out thoughts and feelings that I'm not prepared for the whole world to see. Actually, I probably wouldn't care if the whole world read it, since the whole world doesn't know me personally.. but there are things I'd rather process before presenting them to people I do know to read.

In any case, at the time I wasn't sure whether my journal entry might eventually turn into a letter, since there were some things in there that I'd just discovered, as well as some clarifications on other things. That's what I love about my journal.. I basically get to talk to myself like I'm talking to someone else, and then start working out my problems and thoughts and things, until they seem clearer. Often I'll have insights that never occurred to me; it's sort of like brainstorming with myself.

Anyway, I read over the entry, and finished it, and I think it's fine as it is. I may use it for reference in the future, but I'm at least settled with how I feel at the moment.

Other than that, I'm preparing for another work week, and praying that it's better than it has been lately. I like clinging to whatever remaining bits of sanity I have left, ya know?

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