Monday, July 14, 2003

The Best Error Message Ever

I clicked on a link and got this error message:

So you've reached the big 4 0 4 have you then?

404: page not found

We apologise, but in your current state of mind,
it is impossible to view the page you are trying to reach. This could be caused
by it's non-existence, though there are a few well known cures.

  • Lick the mouse. This bizare method usually clears 404's straight away. It
    is advisable not to kiss anyone after, as many mice do fester diseases,
    especially if you have let them loose before.
  • Try standing up and spinning your self 15 times on the spot. Return to
    your chair and continue your experience with this website.
  • Threaten your computer with a screwdriver (make sure it is star headed,
    they don't fall for tricks these days).
  • Take 4 vodka shots. This seems to cure most things these days.
  • Get K-Meleon a brilliant web
  • Are you using Windows? Well that's your first mistake!
  • If all the above do not work, we strongly suggest hiring an exorcist to
    look at your computer and check for spirit violations.

  • In the extreme chance none of the above work, try
    bribing the webmaster by e-mail him, maybe then he will fix it (goto the
    main page and click on contact or at the link on the bottom of this page) or take
    your computer to spain. Many computers work much better when they feel

E-Mail The Webmaster

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