Saturday, June 21, 2003

Universal Coincidences

I've taken to calling the signs given by the Unspoken Language of the World's Soul 'universal coincidences' because it's much easier to say and remember. One thing I began noticing lately, before I re-read Patrick's story, before I really got into this whole idea, is that the music I listen to mirrors my life and my feelings. I have 2,000 songs in my playlist (I thought it was way more, but maybe I'm missing some), and I have them all randomly shuffled.

The music in my playlist represents a wide variety of genres, and when it's all shuffled, it takes me several days to listen my way through the entire thing. I usually do work my way most or all of the way through a playlist, though, so that I can continually listen to different music I like without (hopefully) getting sick of it.

I have found that the songs that pop up have relevance to something in my life. Either in something that's on my mind, to things I need to heal, to inspiration to help me follow my heart. The music I have been listening to lately has been inspiring in a way. There are songs that may not have lyrics (such as classical and instrumental), but the ones that play have a general feel to them that is relevant to me.

That might not seem like much to anyone else.. but it seems very real and obvious to me, because suddenly my life has a soundtrack. Not only that, I get really random songs stuck in my head, especially old-ish songs no one ever sings anymore. Something someone says will remind me of a line in a song, and then I just burst out singing it, then I go around singing that and trying to get as many people singing it as I can, until I get another song stuck in my head. I do occasionally get songs I overhear on the radio while in the kitchen stuck in my head, too.

Two or three times recently, I got completely random songs stuck in my head, and I mean really stuck. I was walking around singing the song all day long, people were telling me to shut up.. it was that bad. And then sure enough, I came home and later that song came up in the playlist. Yeah, it could be entirely coincidental. But it's a 1 in 2000 chance, and for it to happen repeatedly?

So the songs I have on my Lyrics blog are songs that stand out to me. Whether it be because the song makes me laugh, or because the song makes me feel.. most of those songs will pop up in my playlist and make me take pause because the words are so right.

Nap time.

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