Monday, June 02, 2003

Secret Admirer?

I apparently have either a secret admirer or someone who is obsessed with this site for some reason -- starting yesterday, someone I don't know has usurped Rose for the How-Many-Hits-Can-One-Generate-From-One-IP crown. I know she'll be disappointed when she learns. Someone from Maryland, it looks like.. who got my link from a Yahoo email? Oddness. But it intrigues me. I want to know things like.. did someone send my website to this person to share in the wholesome goodness? Did someone say, hey, this girl's a whacko, and send the link? Or is it my irresistable charm and good looks? The world may never know.

But people -- I have message boards, you see. That and my poll -- both gone completely ignored by my faithful readers -- products of my sweat and tears. Feel guilty yet?

If there's something you want to see, something funny you want to share, if you think I'm cute, if you think I'm a freak, whatever -- post on my boards and let me know!

I'm hoping this anonymous visitor will make themselves known (hint, hint -- message boards), otherwise I may very well perish from curiosity.

Rose and I have been trying to get more photos at OG. Yesterday, we actually had several very good ones, but I think her battery died and all the photos got deleted. I even had a couple pictures of The Rob, finally, as well as a couple artistic ones in there -- our empty smoke hole, and the spot on the wall where the ashtray used to be. Oh.. guess I haven't mentioned it here yet.

Employees aren't allowed to smoke at work anymore, unless approved to do so on a trash run. Take into account 75%+ of servers/restaurant employees in general smoke, so you can get some sort of idea of what kind of suckage we now have to put up with at work. And trust me when I say there is going to be one night where I'm slammed and freaking out and desperately needing a smoke -- and when I can't get one, they'd all better watch out.

Though it was actually pretty amusing yesterday, the first day of the no-smoking policy. We were pretty dead, so all of us smokers would likely have had made several trips to the smoke hole to pass the time, had we been allowed. I came on around 3:45pm and around 7pm, I was really wanting a cigarette. They announced a trash run, and I have never seen servers or anyone so excited to take the freaking trash out. You can bet I grabbed myself a trash can so I could go out and smoke.. hell.. I could barely swing the damn thing into the dumpster, it was so heavy and I'm a weakling. But I got my nicotine, so that's cool.

I suppose it's a good thing because I'll smoke less, but it's just major suckage. I keep saying it's a violation of my civil rights and I'm going to sue. Think I've got a case?

In any case, I am going on vacation for a week. I'm in for a road trip to St. Louis, and hopefully a good deal of sex. My ride will likely be getting here about 12 hours earlier than expected, so I'm going to have a bedmate tonight -- yay! I love sleeping in the same bed with someone. We're leaving here to drive to VA tomorrow to pick up another friend, and then it's going to be a week of hedonistic debauchery, or so I hope.

So this site is going to not be updated for a week, not that anyone really is checking back here for updates (other than my mystery friend, of course). Unless Rose posts, of course. She did say she was going to replace the camera batteries and try once again while I'm gone. I doubt I'll have internet access of any kind, so you all will just have to wait a week to hear about the bad things I did in St. Louis.

Have a fun week, stay out of trouble, and don't do anything I wouldn't do!

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