Monday, June 16, 2003

Random Shit

Okay, yeah! Today is the first day in about two weeks where I have felt more like myself, and less sick and run-down. I just remembered that I was only just recovering from a bad cold right before I went to St. Louis.. so on top of not sleeping, too much partying, and too much sex, I was already run-down to begin with! I forced myself to sleep a lot last night, and I think that was just what I needed. The stomach pain seems to be staying at bay, which is frabjous, and, well, I'm actually awake and feel like doing my normal day-off activities.. like sitting here going through random websites and finding random crap.

I somehow stumbled across this, so here it is. I'm so L337.

The haxor handle of Alena is "Binary V@nd@l".

What's yours? Enter your name:

Yeah, so you can just call me Binary Vandal from now on. w00t. Or something.

Here's a good one -- there's apparently this company called PowerGen. And apparently PowerGen has offices in Italy. 'Italy' in Italian is 'Italia'. So... put PowerGen and Italia together, and what do you get? I shit you not. It's real, and apparently no one has made the connection.

And, on the "I'm 'new' to English front," there is always

It never ceases to amaze me how much random crap is on the Internet. I mean, seriously. You would likely find anything you could dream up on the Web. And that's some crazy shit right there. But since I'm a random, crazy, fucked-up person, I happen to like that about the Web. I consider myself a Web Explorer. Yeah, I kind of made that up, but I identify with the title. After all, when I'm not playing GS, chances are I'm exploring the Web, sometimes for hours.

I think what attracts me to the Web is that there is just an infinite amount of information available. I love information. I love facts. And to have all this random knowledge available to me is simply irresistable. Then there is the humor/amusement factor of finding people who are obviously more fucked up than me. It's good to know I'm not the weirdest, randomest person out there.

Case in point, Black People Love Us! There just are no words.

Other (fairly normal) shit.. The Internet Movie Database. Encyclopedia Mythica. Font Foundry. SparkNotes.

Protesters, West Virginia-style:


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