Friday, June 27, 2003

Random Goodness

Well, it's one of those days where I have some time to kill before work and I seem to be finding a wealth of random, freaky crap on the web. Surprised?

First up is the KIRO 7 LIVE streaker.. People with slow connections, you have my pity as always, but this is a short clip, so you may have to suffer through it to see it. I think the best part of the clip is the reporter's reaction. First, she says, "Oh my goodness" like she's really shocked, yet just kind of stops her report and doesn't seem terribly perturbed by the whole thing.

Next is BoneClone. I wasn't terribly awake when I found this link, and somehow I understood the whole deal to be that you could get a replica of your skeleton. That'd be cool. So imagine my surprise when I went to the site and saw what it actually is. Ha! You have to read the testimonials, they're hilarious. "I'm a sexually independent and aggressive woman. I date a lot and have a clone of every man willing. When I'm bored but want some pleasure, I visit the vault for my date." -- Cecilia from Champaign, Illinois

Remember the arcade game Q-Bert? Well, try Pubert.

This one makes me think of the Darwin Awards.. A 32-year-old Colorado man faces first-degree murder charges after he killed his nephew while trying to demonstrate that a bulletproof vest could also stop knives.

Here's a parody of the Honda "Cog" commercial. (again, slow connection people, you're going to suffer)

I guess the new thing in piercings and tattoos is lip tattoos. Which only leads me to further believe that kids these days are fucking idiots. I mean, when you're 80, are you really going to want the tattoo inside your lip that says $BLING$? Or how about the one that says FAGGOT? Pfffft.

The dog walks like a lady.

Robbed at antler-point.

Visualize whirled peas.

Stupid people finally get the recognition they deserve.

Uh... the only thing I can think to say is that this girl is excellent girlfriend material.

Which makes an excellent segue to my next link, beavers rule!

Okay, so.. apparently women get aroused by both sexes, regardless of sexual orientation. And here I thought it was just me.

All I have to say is: OH MY GOD. Brings new meaning to getting the munchies.

Some people are WAY too stupid to own a computer.

And last but not least.. Mac kills your inner child.

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