Sunday, June 15, 2003

My Weekend is Here

So... fucking... tired...

I will say that after the sleepless week I just had partying at SimuCon, on top of two closing shifts capped with a morning BD shift (meaning I was on the floor for 10 hours with no break at all), I am going to so crash tonight. I was so tired last night I was hallucinating, though it was kind of cool. Cheap thrills, what can I say.

On top of, or perhaps exacerbated by, working my ass off and being really worn out, I am fighting with The Most Insidious Bladder Infection Ever. It deserves the capitals and title; it's surely clinging on (and possibly getting worse!) despite my religious taking of the antibiotics and the pill that makes my pee fluorescent orange.

I just basically feel ill all the time right now. Either I have a dull ache in my left side that takes a pain reliever to go away, or I'm seriously nauseous after I eat. Add in just general malaise and ugh-ness, and that's about where I am right now. Not good. But I'm hoping that a few days of nothing but rest will improve my condition.

I was feeling quite constructive this evening and I believe I have my webspace set up on my ISP server thinger. That means once I get everything set up and moved, my site will have no more ads -- hurrah! I know you poor pop-up killer-less bastards have to suffer through whatever spam and crap Tripod wishes to thrust at you. And for this, I apologize. I hate popups as much as the next guy.

As I mentioned before, if you want a great pop-up killer for free, email me. Seriously. It's awesome, blocks 99% of pop-up/under/in/over ads, and it's free. Virus-free, too, I promise. I feel everyone should be liberated from pop-up ads.

Pop-ups are the work of Satan.

P.S. I think I finally fixed the Archives section. Maybe. Possibly. We'll see.
P.P.S. Now on to figure out what the little [+] things are supposed to do.

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