Tuesday, June 24, 2003


You know what scares me? That WV's federal government is by and large Democratic. It scares me because I can't figure out how the hell the Democrats could even get elected in this state of Bible-thumping conservatives (yes, I know not everyone is a Bible-thumping conservative here, but it sure seems like the majority). Our governor is a Democrat, as are our senators. Only one of the House members is Republican; in fact, she's the only Republican, out of all these governmental positions. That means that five out of six are Democrats. It freaks me out.

Alex, the wannabe rogue, is the King of Random Links. I am the Queen, so he and I get along great.

This is Alex.

Well, he sent me this link to a quote database. I clicked on random, and this one came up. I thought it was pretty funny, so I'm going to share.


<Ober> hahaha
<infi> ?
<Ober> MSNBC "No Iraqi Dikes have been blown"
<VistA> lol
<infi> heh
<Ober> the guy said "ahh"
<dragonbyt> dont dykes lack the equipment to get blown?
<Ober> after the word blown
<Ober> like he did a double take

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