Friday, May 16, 2003

Yadda Blah

I have to say I had a pleasant evening at work for a change. We weren't slammed, just steady, and pretty much everyone I waited on seemed in a good mood and receptive to joking around. I like to have fun wherever I am, and if I'm not rushed, I like to have fun at work, both with my coworkers and my tables. A lot of the time, things just don't click.. you're getting people in bad moods or who are closed off and not talkative at all, you're getting demanding tables or the rhythm you're getting tables is off, so you're rushing around.

I like having the little bit of extra time with my tables, because it's part of what makes my job enjoyable.. getting to make people laugh and know that they're having a good time. When I'm rushed, I know I'm not giving as good of service as I could, just because I don't have the time to. I'm not saying I don't try hard to have all the basic needs taken care of, but I like being able to make some sort of connection with my tables. After all, we have to spend an hour or so together, so it may as well be enjoyable, right?

I shared a room with Scott and Jared.. the combination made me a bit unsure as to whether we'd get along all night. Don't get me wrong, I like Jared and Scott a lot. In fact, I like just about everyone I work with; there are only a few exceptions. Everyone has different working styles, however, and even though you may really like someone as a person, there probably are things they do at work that you find annoying. The worrying was pretty much for naught because except for one small squabble over who got the round table (the party table in the room) that turn, everything went very smoothly and we even had time to joke around some.

Tips were pretty good for a change, which always helps carry on the good feeling throughout the night. I also sold another bottle of wine, which puts me up near the lead for our store in the bottle-selling contest. I don't think I have a chance to win when it comes to the region (after all, they sell WAY more wine in Charleston), but I'm kind of stoked. It's pretty much the luck of the draw unless you're an amazing salesperson, but selling wine and getting good alcohol averages is the key to getting brownie points at the OG. And I am in dire need of some brownie points right about now, so we'll take it if we can get it!

And with that, I think I'm done for tonight.

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