Wednesday, May 28, 2003

New Toys

No, not those kinds of toys. However, I do have a couple new things for you guys to play around with. Some message boards and a poll (see bottom left of page). I'm a poor person, so I apologize for the ads on everything. I can't afford to actually buy any of it, but it's fun to play around with!

I don't want to have one of those sites where there's tons of crap crammed into one spot.. it is kind of addicting, you know, the little applets and whatnot. I'll try to restrain myself to avoid that sort of thing from happening.

Rose is my new devoted reader, and you know, I'm glad somebody is reading this. In any case, she found this site called Tip20! and it's a resource site for all service industry people. It looks interesting, anyway.. and I do feel that this information needs to find its way to the general public, because they seem rather clueless about servers and waitstaff.

One of the FOH (Front of the House, i.e. bartenders, servers, and hosts) articles I found was about a server who'd written an article about how people she waited on treated her rudely. It brought up some key points that I think most people don't even realize because they've never waited tables. You know how Israel has a mandatory 2-year military service? I think this country should have a mandatory service where everyone works in a restaurant at least once. Once you do it, you will completely understand.

But if you're just looking in from the outside, appearances can be deceiving. What we do in the dining room -- looks easy, doesn't it? Looks like it doesn't take much, and just anyone could do it, right? Wrong. We make it look easy. We're professionals, and we do this every day. So of course it looks easy, we have tons of practice and the whole point is to make it seem effortless and smooth-running.

However, I don't think most people understand the level of energy and effort it takes to be a server. We have to move fast, lift, bend, twist, carry heavy trays, do quick math, juggle multiple tables and tasks, have a good memory, and be organized in order to get everything done in an efficient and timely manner. Add to this the fact that there's likely 10 or so servers on a side of the restaurant at any given time, so we have to do all of this and work around each other to avoid collisions and such.

It's a job that takes both physical and mental effort, and when you look at it that way, you can see why it's tiring. We work very hard, and the job is physically taxing. It's not an easy job, and it takes a certain amount of practice to get decent at it.

Which is why it's infuriating when people treat me as if I'm invisible, insignificant, or not worth speaking to. When people talk down to me, when they are condescending.. It's all I can do to not speak a piece of my mind. I'm an intelligent, interesting person, and I work hard. I may be serving you, but I am not your personal servant, butler, or slave. You are not worth more than me because I'm waiting on you.

A basic level of respect is all that I ask.

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