Thursday, May 08, 2003

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Maybe I don't have as much to say as I first thought. I have not felt a pressing need lately to come spew about current events.. frankly, nothing exciting has been going on. Just work, days off, work, days off.. boring, boring.

I have actually been enjoying my new-found freedom and spare time, now that I have been graciously relieved of my GM position. I have been playing more GS, and actually enjoying playing, than I have in a long time.. even since before I became a GM. Now I have room to roleplay however I want, do the things I want in the game.. with no standard I'm being held to, no expectations, no work, and not having to do anything. It's lovely. I goof around, I surf the web, read message boards.. I have lots of time.

I went to bed at dawn, which has become fairly regular for me (I think I finally bowed down and submitted to the insomnia).. slept fine until about 11:30am, when all the neighborhood noises woke me up. I just had kind of a premonition that someone was going to come to my door.. so I kept waking up every time I heard a noise vaguely resembling knocking. I need a doorbell, for one. I think the walls here project rather than muffle sounds, so someone knocking on the door of my downstairs neighbor sounds pretty much like someone is knocking on my door. Therefore, I never know, if I'm in the bedroom, if someone is actually knocking on my door or not. When I feel like shelling out $15 for a wireless doorbell, I will have my solution.

In any case, I had a visit from a policeman yesterday or the day before (oh, how the days just blur together), which startled the hell out of me, considering I had the wee bong and a bag of pot sitting on my desk. Those got quickly hidden, of course, and it turns out he was looking for the guy who lived here before me.. so.. narrowly averted disaster there. And today, at about 1:30pm, after sleeping fitfully, someone else was pounding on my door. I had to throw on my boxers because I just sleep in a shirt, and I rushed to my door. It was my landlord.

Let me spend a little time describing my landlord. First, he's like 2 feet tall. Okay, maybe 4.5-5 feet in reality. He's 80-something and has no breath to waste on the unnecessary (he never says goodbye before hanging up on you, for example. Sometimes I get an "All right." (pause) *click*). When I first met him, he was in serious need of a root job. The ends of his hair were very black, obviously dyed, and he sported like 6 inches of shock-white roots. I'm just like.. man. Heheheh. He's not a bad guy, I guess.. just kinda crochety.

When he showed me around (I met with him a couple times at the apartment while negotiating), I was treated to the same shpiel twice. The walls are thick, double insulated, he pays for gas, then he starts going off about how he doesn't want to see posters all over the walls because of all the holes tacks make. He said, "And I don't wanna be seein' all these posters of Elvis all over the place, no. Too many holes."

I was seriously amused when he said that, and had to try to keep from chuckling. Posters of Elvis? Little behind the times there, guy. I bet if you said "Britney Spears" to him, he'd go, "Who?"

So in any case, he promised me a new stove "when the weather warms up". The one I have now.. is disgusting and old. I refuse to use it. It's got to be 30 years old.. avocado green, crusted and stained beyond even two scrubbings' worth of work (using an industrial strength scrubbing agent, I might add). I haven't even opened it.. I can only imagine what the inside is like. I cook in the microwave, kthx.

I had mailed a little note to my landlord with this month's rent check. I inquired about the new stove, because I hadn't heard anything from him about that and the weather is warm now. I also informed him about the problems with my little cock-a-roach visitors. Seriously, it's just disgusting and it's driving me crazy. They are not even MY cockroaches! I don't even have roaches in the kitchen. Aside from one in the bathroom once in a while, they just crawl out over my computer desk, for some bizarre reason I can't figure out. I don't know why my desk.. they never even find anything, for one.. secondly, there is a lamp on my desk (don't they hate light?), third, there is a moving human right here! Making noises and stuff. It boggles the mind. I guess they just like me, or I smell like food and no one's ever told me.

He didn't mention the roaches, but he said he was going to be installing my new stove today. And I waited around.. but he never came back. At least it gave me a much-needed reason to clean and straighten up around here, it was looking really bad. Now it's still kind of bad, but it's not like a fucking pigsty. I mean, I cleaned and stuff! I'm quite pleased with myself. It feels better when your surroundings are fairly orderly. I'm not good at keeping it up, though, so I foresee a relapse.

I know I've been losing weight since I moved out.. my work pants fit better, my two smaller shirts that I'd pretty much outgrown and had to buy a new size, they now fit as well. I can see the leanness in my upper body.. my neck, shoulders, chest. My collar bones are noticeable and you can see the ridges on my sternum when I raise my arms. I also am getting some muscles in my arms, which stokes me to no end. I lift and carry heavy trays all day at work, and the bicep of my tray-supporting arm has some definition. No, really! Not a ton or anything, but you can tell I have muscles. It's fucking cool. I always wanted arm muscles (have never, ever been able to do a chin-up, my upper body is weak).

I attribute the weight loss to not eating. Yep, that'd probably do it. In any case, I hate cooking for myself and when I'm on my own, I eat whatever is filling and the easiest to prepare. I'm actually a really good cook and I enjoy cooking, I just can't stand cooking for myself alone. So I hold off until I'm starving, or wracked with the grandfather of all hunger pangs, like the other night, and then eat a small amount because I fill up easily now, too. Since I get enough fat and calories with the junk food I'm eating, the weight isn't exactly melting, but I do think I've lost 15-20 pounds since I moved out. Yikes.. that actually is melting.. if you figure I've been here about 3 months now.

I used one of the bath scales at Wal-Mart to weigh myself. The first one said I was 140, which is just an impossibility (for one, I can't possibly have lost 40 pounds, for two, I have such a large frame that at 140, people would be telling me I'm skinny.. plus, I know I'm not. You should see my torso.).. the other one said something like 155, which is more reasonable. I think, though, that I was about 175-180 when I moved out of Kit's. I don't know if the scale is accurate, but if it is, that means I've lost 20-25. Which I think is a lot... and is kind of scary to me that my eating habits right now are that unhealthy. I mean, I never used to just drop weight before... it was always a big struggle.

One of these days, I'll weigh myself at Kit's, at least I know I can trust her scale. As for me, I'm liking the leaner me, and damn, I think I look good in a tank top.

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