Thursday, May 29, 2003

I'm Still Alena From the Block

Well, well. Seems I passed the Google test.. some weirdo visited my site after searching for "photos of my ex's pussy". Whether the pussy is of feline variety or not is left up to the imagination, and interestingly enough, the search doesn't turn up much of either. If you're interested in random links and websites, visit this search.

I know some people may have trouble with the number of large images I've posted on the site, so I've created a photo gallery where I'll put pictures, if I've got more than one to share at a time. Rose brought in her digital camera today and we stealthily snapped a few photos. We were attempting to capture The Rob on camera, but he wasn't working today. Blast. Well, we'll both have to try to ambush him tomorrow and see what we can come up with. Seriously, it's become a mission to bring to you, my dear readers, what The Rob really looks like.

Tonight at work was pretty sucky. We were fairly dead all evening, but they wouldn't let anyone on my side go because everyone was convinced this huge rush would come in at about 9. Apparently, the high schools have been graduating and then going out to eat fairly late, ending up with the remaining servers being slammed. So the managers were determined no one on our side would be cut until the rush hit.

That meant we spent a fair amount of time goofing off, particularly those of us in Hell (a.k.a. the smoking and quasi-smoking sections). I did get stiffed on my first table, whose check was $45 and the lady had made us sing to her bastard son. I don't get people, seriously. I mean, yeah, if she'd left me a buck, I'd be cheesed off, but to leave me nothing at all? What the hell is that about?

The rest of my tables were varying degrees of cheap and average, nothing terribly noteworthy. Other than my lesbian table. Let me just say right now that I have a gift when it comes to working my gay tables. It may be because there's not much of a gay population here (though everyone swears there are more gays per capita than anywhere in the U.S.), and what population there is has to be kind of closeted about it. Therefore, when gay people run into each other around here, it's usually a pretty instant recognition. Like when I had my hair really short, I'd be in Wal-Mart and run into a dyke and get the I know you're gay look.

So it's a definite opportunity to be more friendly, to joke around more, to get to know them a bit better than usual.. an opportunity for me to provide sincere, good service and know that I'll be rewarded for my efforts. That my work is recognized. I'm not saying every gay table tips me great, but I do think the majority of my tips from this portion of our guests is better than usual.

I jump on the chance to have a lesbian table. I know it sounds crazy, but I do exceptionally well, plus it's fun. For one, it allows me an opportunity to flirt with women, which, around here, is something I rarely get to do. Hell, I'd enjoy it if a cute lesbian waitress flirted with me.. and hell yeah, her tip would be better than average.

So I got this table tonight of two women and a man. One of the women was older than the other two, possibly in her 40's, as her hair was graying a bit. I thought she was very attractive, and I was about 95% sure she was gay. The other woman, I couldn't pin down either way, but I did have my suspicions.. The older woman sat next to the man, who, along with the other woman, seemed to be in his early-to-mid-thirties. I couldn't figure out what their relationship was to each other.. if they were all just friends, if the younger man and woman were a couple, or if the man and older woman were. I tried to look for a ring on her finger because I was curious, but I never did get a glimpse of that hand.

I had a lot of fun with the folks at this table.. talking to and joking around with them. They were very open and receptive to my sense of humor, which admittedly is not for everyone, especially full-strength. I was pretty pleased when the older woman took my suggestion of a cappuccino instead of a regular coffee, showing she has taste. She even further showed she had taste when she answered that she didn't want whipped cream on it because she didn't want to 'ruin it'. I mentioned she was attractive, yes? I was even going to go a step further and see if she wanted cinnamon or cocoa powder on it.. but another table's food came out right when I was waiting for the cappuccino, and another server ended up grabbing it off the bar and bringing it out to me instead. Blast.

On a totally unrelated note, I guess Rose's membership thinger worked, cause she posted. We'll work on basic HTML and stuff. :)

Oh, and "the rush" everyone was talking about at work? A party of 15 came in at 8:45. That was "the rush". Woo.

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