Saturday, May 10, 2003

Damn It To Hell

Aaaaaaarrrrgggh. Here I was all week, thinking I was off tomorrow (Mother's Day, a.k.a. server hell), and I come to find that I actually am scheduled, only no one marked on the server schedule that I had to check the expo schedule, too. So I went this entire week in blissful ignorance, which all painfully shattered for me about 9pm tonight when Rose insisted I was supposed to expo tomorrow.

Steve the manager checked and yes, I indeed do have to be back at work tomorrow, at 11:30am. But I think at least I am an expo and not on the floor, because I have really wanted to kill people lately, and after a night like tonight, Mother's Day on the floor would have likely shoved me right over the edge. I might be expoing with Paul, too, and that'll be fun.

Paul is this guy who I thought hated me for a long time. I'm a know-it-all and he's a know-it-all, and when you put two know-it-alls together, it can be kind of bad. So I was convinced he resented me for knowing more about some things than he did. I talked to him a few months ago about this, how I'd thought he hated me, and he just kind of laughed. He thought it was funny because he and I get along really well together now. We share a geeky side, so we get to blabber about computers and websites and nifty cool flash animation thingers together. He just basically explained he tends to be a bit distant from new people in the restaurant, because he doesn't know if they'll last, what kind of server they'll be, etc. And I guess I can see that. I used to be a trainer at Crapplebee's and I think I was somewhat distant to my trainees. I mean, if I continually trained the same person, we'd likely develop some sort of friendship. Otherwise, yeah, I think I was a bit distant, too.

Oh, the new girl Jaime.. she is still there and presents a constant source of irritation, as well as graciously standing as an ongoing target of ridicule. Her voice is incredibly whiny and annoying, so even when she says something normal, it makes your ears bleed. She does complain about everything, and I'm not sure I've ever heard her say a single positive thing about anything. I'm under the impression that her tongue would fall out the moment she uttered a positive word, and that's why she persists on whining all the time. In any case, I've not yet worked in a room with her, somehow. I think should they ever put us together, by the end of the shift, I would have told her off. She sucks as a server, and she sucks as a coworker. She can't handle three tables at once.. from what I've heard, she has difficulty doing two at once. Which makes everyone else have to pick up her slack.

At Crapplebee's, I have run up to eleven tables at once. Yeah, I was running my ass off, sure, but it's not impossible. Two tables is practically nothing in the server world. Even if one of them is being super-demanding, you should not be in the weeds. She has kind of a bad attitude, as well. She seems kind of bitter, and I know that she doesn't change her expression or personality one iota when she leaves the side station and goes into the dining room. I know she carries that attitude with her everywhere she goes. And then has the nerve to whine when her tips suck? Everytime I hear her bitch about a table not leaving her a good tip, I want to say, "You know why your tips suck? Because you suck."


I heard the whisper of a rumor that she was fired last week, but they let her come back. Neither Rose nor I could get the scoop on this, but apparently Jaime did something to one of her tables that made them get up and leave in a huff. Wonder if it was the attitude, or whether she just royally fucked something up. I need to get the dirt... I want to know!

In any case, if the rumor is true, then she is dangling by a thread. And she will likely provide the scissors if she continues behaving the way she has. So.. not wanting to get my hopes up, but.... right on.

There's this chick I work with named Gara, who I used to have a crush on because I thought she was so cute. Well, I am over Gara because her work ethics suck. She's lazy and she is constantly trying to weasel out of work early. Today was the icing on the cake, when I walked into my side's side station, having only just arrived, not even scheduled to clock in for another 15 minutes.. and having Gara dump a table on me. Not just a table, no.. a party of 7.

The restaurant was nuts anyway, I guess people were getting a jump on Mother's Day. It had been busy as hell all day, and from the moment I clocked on until about 9:00, I was in various stages of being completely weeded. It sucked, mostly because my tips were not reflecting my hard work. I was running my ass off and getting everything these people wanted. I didn't get to spend the little bit of extra time I like to take with my tables to get acquainted with them and joke around and stuff, but I was very nice to everyone and got them their food timely. This is very frustrating, you know, to work really hard and no matter what you do, people don't acknowledge you. A kind word or two does mean a lot, though it's always confusing why people who tell me what a great server I am leave me only 10% (I guess the compliment was my extra 5%).

And when you're making crappy tips in general, a good tip can really make you feel great, especially when you know it's deserved. It is a token of thank-you, and we servers are poor and work very hard. So it's kind of like how you get to the heart of a hungry man, you feed him.. To get to the heart of a hungry server, it's through the wallet.

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