Tuesday, May 27, 2003


I check my blog traffic daily, using a free GoStats counter. One of the features is that it logs IP numbers so I can track (theoretically) who is coming to my site more than once. I went to check it today after a surge in my hits, but since most of my last 20 or so were the same IP number, I attribute the jump to Rose, who I think keeps checking back here for new dirt. Hi, Rose.

In any case, not long ago, I realized that Google links to me. Frabjous day! It's been interesting seeing the various searches people have used before clicking on my site, though most of them have to do with that Honda "Cog" commercial I posted a while ago. However, things just got juicier! A few hours ago, a person searching for http://www.google.com/search?q=bdsm hangings&hl=da&lr=&ie=UTF-8&start=30&sa=N (that's 'BDSM hangings' for those not fluent in URL gibbergabber) clicked on my link.

BDSM hangings?! I didn't even know what that was, before clicking on that search myself. You may also note that it's Danish Google, as opposed to regular old Google, meaning a kinky Dane visited my site. Yay!

Confused protesters? You be the judge.

News from work.. I am really hating my fucking job lately, let me tell you. I have a handful of decent tables a day, the rest are complete ignorant hilljacks. I have to bite back a sarcastic comment every time I hear the question "What kind of dressing is your house dressing?" Hi, people, this is an Italian restaurant.. what kind of dressing do you think it is?

I have never felt more desperate to move away from a particular area. To put it in perspective, Minnesota is the Garden of Eden compared to Parkersburg. I mean, they actually have theater and movies and culture, for god's sake. And gay people! They have gay people there -- lots of them, and they can be out! And even though I worked at a Crapplebee's in the 'ghetto', I don't think I ever dreaded the general customer population, as I do here. I mean, I was actually making a fair bit of money there.. course, I was working like 8 shifts a week, but the money was pretty good. I just "wasn't in love with Minnesota" so I moved to the armpit of the south, Virginia's bastard, inbred cousin, West Virginia.

I make really stupid decisions sometimes. So I'm stuck here now and I have to figure something out.. because I absolutely hate my job, I have no motivation to work extra or attempt to make more money. Work basically feels pointless. Even if I have a decent night and come out with 15% at the end, it feels completely thankless. Thankless because of the stupid fucking Parkersburg people I have to deal with daily.

Now, I generally like all of my coworkers and get along with them all pretty well. That's about the only portion of my job that feels rewarding to me in the least.. I can goof off and have fun with just about everyone I work with. Having fun at work is absolutely essential -- if I didn't, I would surely kill everyone in the restaurant and then myself directly afterward. It's the only thing that redeems this job right now. The money certainly isn't a driving factor since people around here don't know how to tip, nor is it having to answer the stupidest questions, and having to deal with rude and demanding people who aren't going to compensate me for my hard work.

I've become a bitter server and if I'm doing this job in ten years, you all have my permission to find me and put me out of my misery. This is not a career for me, nor will it ever be. I would surely lose my mind.

On the positive front, I have the fantastic news that both Jaime and annoying Mike quit. Let me shout another frabjous day! It all must have happened on one of my many days off, but apparently Jaime said she couldn't handle it. No idea why Mike quit, nor do I really care, because he was an aggravating little shit and I'm just glad he's gone. I find it amusing that Jaime 'couldn't handle it'.. as I was under the impression she had been a server before and being a server at Olive Garden is, well, easy compared to other restaurants. The only difference is we lift heavy trays all day, but it's not like Jaime isn't a hardy girl... I mean, you know, it's not like a stiff breeze (or hurricane) is going to knock her over or anything.

I'm just so glad I don't have to deal with either of them anymore! And I somehow escaped Jaime's entire employment without being in a room with her a single time. I think the Fates knew it would be vicious should she be put in with me, because I had a bevy of things to say to her.

Now we just have to work on Rob.. but as I said before, he apparently loves working at OG with everyone, so I don't foresee him quitting anytime soon. He's terminally clueless and apparently quite willing to be subjected to various cruelty and snubbing. I don't have much against him personally, I mean, I'm sure he's a nice guy and everything. He just tries way too hard, and it renders him clingy and annoying. Plus if you could just see what he looks like. I need to find someone with a digital camera and get a picture, so I can post it here.

Let me see if I can increase my hits via random Google searches.. here's a test. (Cover your eyes if you're easily offended. Actually, if you're easily offended, what the hell are you doing here anyway??)

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* I once read that Alyssa Milano is the most searched-for thing on the web.

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